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Arizona State Rep. Walt Blackman’s Wife, Kristi, FRAMES TGP’s Conradson With Racist Texts

Fake Republican Walt Blackman’s Wife Tries to Frame Jordan Conradson and gets caught in the act. Arizonans, if you vote for Blackman again, I will insist on IQ tests at the polls. Democrats, you are excused since he belongs to your party. Blackman has been trying to stop desertification of the vote in Arizona, claiming that the constitution does not make a provision for desertification.

Either he’s lying or merely uneducated about the constitution. The constitution grants plenary power to the State Legislature to oversee elections and choose or withdraw their state’s electors. The House and Senate can decertify with a joint resolution. The actions by the Arizona legislature is on solid constitutional ground. RINOs just don’t get it.

Blackman then called Conradson and said what he posted was not true and he demanded it be taken down. He then must have consulted a fifth-grader and realized he was wrong. Blackman then said he would make a live video discussing desertification or nullification of the vote. He did do a live stream, but he did not post the video on his site for obvious reasons.

Then Blackman’s wife sent a message to Conradson accusing him of using racial language towards her husband. She made public Facebook posts claiming he had used the n-word in the messages to his daughter.

From The Gateway Pundit 

Hours later, Conradson was surprised to see that Kristie made public Facebook posts with vile and damaging accusations against him. On Friday, Kristie falsely claimed that Conradson sent multiple messages to Walt and Walt’s daughter, using the n-word against them.
Kristie: Now you send this to my Daughter!! Jordan with The Gateway Pundit!!
This is not even Conradson’s phone number.

Despite having his number and knowing these texts did not come from Conradson, Kristie spread this lie in an attempt to defame his character. 

Was this the surprise she had planned? Were these messages even real, or was this just her plan to get back at Conradson for his work?

Kristie Blackman refused to comment on the racist accusations saying, “don’t call me again.”

On Saturday, Conradson called the phone number and reached Walt Blackman’s voicemail.



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