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Arizona School Calls Police On Parents for Protesting Masking And Segregation Of Children

On Friday night, parents of children who attend Sweetwater Schools planned to meet in the parking lot of the school to protest masking and the segregation of children. They had even invited the school board. They received a call from a school employee telling them they would have to buy insurance for the event. So, they purchased insurance of a quarter of a million dollars each. When they got to the school they were told they needed one million dollars each.

When the parents and local leaders showed up, school security barricaded the parking lot and called the police for backup.

Segregating children is abhorrent! We must fight back against totalitarianism at every turn HUGE THANK YOU to

@anthonykernAZ Ā for standing up for these families that the school is trying to bully 2/2.
Arizona State RepresentativeĀ Mark FinchemĀ shared his disdain for these tyrants and their blatant hypocrisy.
Mark Finchem wrote:
OUTRAGEOUS! Parents sought to use public property that their tax dollars support and maintain, but were denied because the WESD government school bureaucrats demand a $1M insurance policy for each individual attending. I will be a solid no on any government school funding.
The tyrannical educators failed to stop them. The Patriots moved their rally to a nearby public park.
Arizona Gubernatorial CandidateĀ Kari Lake, again on the front lines of this war against medical tyranny, spoke at the rally and later expressed to the world, this is a hill she will die on:
I am running for Governor for my children AND your children. Tonight and always, I stand in solidarity with the kids that are being forced into masks & the parents that are pushing back against tyrannical School Boards. This is a hill I will die on, if necessary.
This has been happening all across the country and the corrupt AG Merrick Garland has been at the forefront, fighting against parents who believe they should decide what their children need and learn.

Merrick Garland sent federal agents and a helicopter circling overhead to threaten parents attending the Fairfax County School Board meeting last week.

This was after Garland testified and said he was not sending the feds to threaten American parents who speak out at their local school board meetings.

Stacy attended the school board meeting last Thursday night after AG Merrick Garlandā€™s testimony. She says in her interview that the feds sent out several vehicles to threaten parents attending the school board meeting. Stacy also received numerous threats at her home after she spoke out about the pornography in her childrenā€™s library.

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