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Arizona School Board, Police Coordinated To Spy On, Arrest Concerned Parents

The school Nazis are alive and well. One of them works for the Chandler Unified School District (CUSD). The Chandler Unified School District’s (CUSD) Director of School Safety, Tanya Smith, was colluding with Sergeant Greg Howarth, a Chandler police officer spying on parents who are against the teaching of Critical Race Theory and masking mandates.

Because, as we all know because the Nazis tell us, those parents have no rights, including the right of free speech.

The collusion began in April and the two remained in constant contact and Howarth began spying on the parents because they refused to bow to tyrants.

Later, when it came to the mask mandates, Howarth offered to arrest parents for trespassing if they refused to wear a mask. Because that’s what tyrants do. The Third Reich will rise again.

Howarth was given the job of gathering information on parent groups. He was to monitor them as they were opposing CRT and later on the mask mandates. He coordinated with Smith on when to arrest parents who refused to mask up.

Have you noticed that the state with the most restrictive mask mandate, California,  has the highest number of cases of COVID per capita? The state with the most relaxed mask rules, Florida, has the lowest COVID rate per capita.

On May 4, CUSD’s Director of School Safety Tanya Smith told Howarth that one of the items that would be in the next board meeting would be mask mandates.

Smith told him that she was trolling parent sites trying to find out what they would be up against.

From The Daily Caller

Hours later, Howarth said that he had access to the websites of concerned parent groups and would “be monitoring all of them” and updating the district.

In a separate email, Smith told Howarth that CUSD governing board member Jason Olive was in conversations with a school board member in a separate district who had access to a parent Facebook group. Olive’s inside source claimed that CUSD’s governing board meeting would be the next “target” of parent activists who wanted to end mandatory masking.

Howarth pointed to three groups specifically. First, he pointed to the group “Parents for Equity in Education,” a group of progressive parents that calls for a curriculum inspired by critical race theory teachings. The police officer dubbed two opposing groups to “Parents for Equity in Education” as “the disruptors.”

“Disruptors” include the group “Purple for Parents,” which advocates for the removal of Critical Race Theory-inspired curriculum, and a fringe Republican political group named “Patriot Party AZ.”


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