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Arizona Legislature Passes House Bill 2898 That Will Require That Schools Share Stories From People Who Escaped From Communism

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

On Friday, the Arizona state House, where the Republicans hold the majority, passed a bill that could order that school teachers share stories from people who fled communism as part of the curriculum.

It is fully expected that the usual suspects on the Left will complain that the Republican bill is a radical attempt to alter Arizona’s school curriculum. This is how leftists try to fool the American people all the time.

As an example, the Left will introduce radical Marxist ideology into an American system and the compliant media either ignores it or reports it as if it’s a perfectly normal thing, and then when conservatives argue against destroying the American system that the Left has attacked with Marxist ideology, the media then accuse conservatives of being the radical ones without ever mentioning that the Left are the ones who are trying to change things. Case in point, after pushing to defund the police, Democrats are now getting back polling that suggests that millions of American voters don’t want to be murdered in their own neighborhoods, and so rather than begin to walk that stupidity back, Democrats like White House press secretary Jen Psaki and other prominent Democrats just started to blame the defund the police thing on Republicans. You have to be a Grade-A moron to believe that, but there are a lot of Grade-A morons who support the Democratic Party.


In this case, leftists have pushed the allure of Marxism and socialism (same thing, different label in that they both start with collectivism) as something that would be good for our society even though it has ended in nothing but the destruction of economies, the darkness of societies, and the death of millions.

The requirement part of House Bill 2898 has changes in laws governing K-12 education in Arizona. The language was inserted by Republican state Representative Judy Burges and declares that the statute will prepare students to be “civically responsible and knowledgeable adults.”

Public schools would be required to teach “a comparative discussion of political ideologies, such as communism and totalitarianism, that conflict with the principles of freedom and democracy essential to the founding principles of the United States.

Arizona’s Department of Education will also establish new civic education standards for school districts and charter schools to include, such as on the original intent of America’s Founding Documents and principles of the United States, including the notion that US citizens will be responsible for preserving and defending “the blessings of liberty inherited from prior generations and secured by the United States Constitution.” America First!

Mark my words, the Left will claim this is radical. Going back to teaching about our Founding era, our Constitutional principles, and the remarkableness of our Founding documents will be treated as white supremacy or [INSERT BOGUS LEFTIST CLAIMS HERE].

The board of education would also have to devise a list of oral history resources that present “patriotism based on first-person accounts of victims of other nations’ governing philosophies who can compare those philosophies with those of the United States.”

I think the problem for liberals is that there are so many losers in America who tried to be successful and failed or who didn’t try at all and grew up believing that the world owes them a living. The allure of socialism became their focus. They think socialism means everything will be free because the government will force all the rich people to pay for everything. These are the useful idiots of the Marxist movement. In order to get rid of our capitalist system and replace it with a socialist utopian heaven on earth, the Marxists have always taught people to hate America and since the death of George Floyd they have stepped up their game.

“The reality is one of the greatest threats facing the globe today is communism and totalitarianism,” Republican state Representative Jake Hoffman said, according to Capitol Media Services.

“We have governments like the Communist Chinese government, that their stated goal is to be the world’s sole and only superpower, and that they will achieve that goal through any means possible,” Hoffman added.

The House bill now heads over to the Arizona Senate for review.

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