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Arizona Lawmakers Call for Resolution to Hold Back Electoral College Votes

Arizona state representative Mark Finchem (district 11) on Monday issued a call for his fellow Republicans to refuse to release the state’s eleven electoral votes from Joe Biden after watching evidence of fraud presented by the Trump legal team of Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis. They were forced to hold the meeting away from the legislature building when they were blocked by Republicans.

Evidence was presented about the connection of the Dominion Voting Systems machines being connected to the internet. That could allow someone off-site to manipulate the voting. Giuliani and Ellis brought in a witness whose team had scrutinized the operating manual and gave testimony on how it could be used to change election results.

Arizona state Rep. Mark Finchem told reporters that he would be introducing legislation to withhold certifying the election and depriving Biden of their electoral votes based on the evidence that he witnessed. If several states withhold their votes, neither Biden nor Trump would end up with the 270 votes needed to win the presidency.

If that turns out to be the case, it goes to the House of Representatives. Each state gets just one vote regardless of the size of the states. Republicans control 26 votes, making Trump’s reelection a sure thing. That would bring on the wailing and the gnashing of teeth by the Democrats and their wholly owned subsidiary, the lamestream press.

From The Epoch Times

According to Finchem, the move would be easy to make and would be legally binding.

“A simple majority can call the House and Senate back, and in a day can pass a resolution and cause those electoral votes to basically be held,” he said. “And it is binding—I’ll see y’all in court.”

In total, nine Republican state lawmakers attended the meeting, which was held at a hotel in downtown Phoenix. They had requested permission to hold a formal legislative hearing at the state Capitol but were denied by the Republican House speaker and Senate president, according to The Associated Press.

Trump’s attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Jenna Ellis, alongside witnesses, appeared in front of members of the Arizona Legislature alleging that considerable voter fraud occurred in the state. They also pushed for the Republican-majority state House and Senate to hold a vote on the certification of the election.

Georgia and Pennsylvania could follow suit. That would deprive Biden of reaching 270 electoral votes and would trigger a vote in the House. But, I have no faith in the system. Look at all the crimes they have committed over the past decade or so. No one has paid a penalty. The John Durham investigation has been a real disappointment as has AG Bill Barr has been.

Dominion has refused to let their machines be inspected for possible voter fraud. But in Georgia, a judge has ruled that the machines in three counties could not be tampered with, which would hide any wrongdoing in the November election. Should any of the machines show they have been tampered with, it would indicate the same thing happened in the 28 states that use them.

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