Arizona GOP Leader Kelli Ward Sounds the Alarm – Dem Secretary of State Hobbs Is Sneaking Dem Operatives from Biased Org’s into Maricopa County Audit

Arizona GOP head honcho, Kelli Ward is warning people about what is going on at the Maricopa County audit. SOS Sue Hobbs won the right to send three observers to watch the recount. But instead of sending three people, from her office, she sent three leftist activists.

These are people from allegedly corrupt Not For Profits (NFP) who bill themselves as nonpartisan but are as far left as you can possibly get.

The same three NFP petitioned the DOJ to get them to stop the audit.  From The Gateway Pundit:

The Brennan Center, Protect Democracy and The Leadership Conference have signed a letter to the civil rights division of the DOJ asking them to get involved.

The arguments within the letter [pdf here] are identical to the arguments made previously by other Lawfare groups, including Perkins Coie, to a state judge.  The state judge rejected the arguments because there was no evidence submitted to the court to back them up.

One 9f the groups is tied to George Soros.

From The Gateway Pundit

We know that at least one of the three entities who are begging the DOJ to stop the Arizona forensic audit going on now, the Protect Democracy Project, is connected to Soros, but we uncovered that it is also connected to the mothership of Democrat Not-for-Profits (NFP’s)

Ward said that through a court-pushed agreement between the parties:

“Arizona Secretary of State (SoS), Democrat Hack Katie Hobbs” gained access to the audit floor for three representatives.  But now we have learned those “observers” monitoring the audit are not even from the SoS’s office. One is an “election consultant” with Protect Democracy, and the other is an attorney with The Brennan Center.  Not coincidental, it happens to be the same Washington groups who urged the Feds to “monitor” the audit.”

It’s hard to say what they are doing there but if one were to venture a guess, they are there to find some way to discredit the audit. And they will do this even if they have to lie. I would assign people to watch the watchers and to document their every move. That includes listing any objections they have to the audit. That prevents them from making up new ones after the audit is complete.

16 thoughts on “Arizona GOP Leader Kelli Ward Sounds the Alarm – Dem Secretary of State Hobbs Is Sneaking Dem Operatives from Biased Org’s into Maricopa County Audit”

  1. Well it is nice to see who is coming out of the woodwork to stop the audit. We need all the information we can get on these people and tell the world,

  2. Just like dems sneaked in BLM and ANTIFA into the chauvin trial jury.They intend to rule by force or any means necessary. By subverting the democratic process they have left only one window of action to the people in which the gov owes duty too.
    We cannot allow british loyalist to remain any longer. They must be deported to those countries that except communism as a way of life.

  3. More proof that something is there that the Mafia of Ghetto Dems are hiding. This is just more to add to the upcoming war! When it happens, NO TRIALS. JUST HANGING AND FIRING SQUADS! If it looks like a liberal….IT GETS DESTROYED FOR TREASON!

    1. The Democratic Party HAS become the enemy of the Republic! Foreign and Domestic we shall protect this country from!

  4. These leftists/DemoncRats are panicking! They know when this one is over there are going to be more audits. They will all show what sadistic criminals they are, and the world, not just the country, but the world will see all their criminal acts.

  5. The party of no rules and laws except for what they decide . Assign watchers to follow closely the three marxist that the sec. of state who has taken soros money like there shadows. This forensic audit might just in part save our republic.

  6. I have been monitoring the audit on a From what i see this is going well. More volunteers are needed as counters though.

  7. There are so many New Age “non-profits” affiliated with anti-west and Pro climate change groups, many totally partisan but with a 501 c 3 and c4 status supported by George Sorosor and Mike Pence’s C-Street Christians who formed a FORMAL Spiritual Alliance in 1987 at GOLD Ranch in Boulder, CO through Paul Temple (Doug Coe replacement) who are pro Globalist and are colluding with new age eastern Tantra religious groups in States like ARIZONA . Anti -West and Pro #CCP non profits, working as soft power of UNESCO and China within Democratic Party. We must expose these groups who have infiltrated into Washington DC, academia, psychology, k-12 etc. pretending to be about meditation & peace and wellness, CCP hidden soft power.

  8. The fact that the Democrats are desperately and also appears they are in panic mode is proof positive a lot of corruption is going to be revealed it’s apparently so damaging their willing to go to any length to stop it because whatever they are called out for preventing the audit still is less damaging than the facts themselves when revealed.

  9. Open Letter To All Patriots!
    WE know now. Arrest them for treason. And INTERFERENCE with a legal process. Send this group of traitors to GITMO for public execution. THEN STAND UP put on the big person pants and tighten up who gets access based on this. It’s not enough to talk or expose them anymore. It’s ACTION TIME!!! No more simple talk – do nothing it needs to stop now. Fight fire with fire. Take back the power the rhinos gave away when they sold us out. Haven’t we learned anything? They will not stop. So stop coddling them. We the people are not milk toast pussys like the rhinos in the republican party….no, enough is not enough for God sake, it’s too much…. Stop them now once and for all. What the heck, call out the Grannie Brigade, they certainly could not do worse.

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