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Border Patrol

Arizona County Democratic Party Boasts ‘There Is No Border Crisis.’

On Sunday, the Pima County Democratic Party in Arizona attacked GOP Senate candidate Blake Masters, saying “There is no border crisis”.This is no surprise from the party that says there is no God or that almost $5 trillion in new spending won’t add a dime to our debt. Since the truth does not aid their case, they tell lies. It’s all they have to work with. Only Democrats would try to convince you that 200,000 illegals a month is not a crisis.

Masters had pointed out the porous nature of the border wall by showing where it simply stopped. This allows the cartels to smuggle drugs and children for the sex trafficking industry. Joe Biden and the Democrats have no problem with drug-running even though 90,000 people died in 2020 from drug overdoses, a number that will likely be surpassed in 2021.

Masters fired back:

“Wow. AZ Democrats are going with ‘There is no border crisis.’ They can’t defend 200k+ illegal crossings every month, so they just ignore it and call you a racist if you talk about it.”

Masters continued:

*Everyone knows there is a crisis.* The problem is so bad the Biden admin had to lie and say a couple border guards were whipping Haitians — after the story was totally debunked — just to end the news cycle. And the logic here is hilarious. Most war zones are literally also just nature if you go there when there’s no fighting. This is like standing by a brunch spot in chicago and saying “see there’s no homicide problem” Good luck in 2022 gang.

From The Daily Wire

Prior to the Pima County Democratic Party attacking Masters, he had tweeted video of himself climbing up the hill adjacent to the border wall to show where it ended, then tweeting, “This hilltop, about 100m into Mexico, is a cartel observation post. A scout peaked (sic) his head out to scope us out, but ducked away before I could get a photo. From here, he can observe about 50 miles of border. He tells his drug and human smuggler buddies when to cross.”

He added, “1. Finish the wall 2. Hire and train thousands more border patrol agents. Pay them well and support them 3. Technology. Cameras, sensors, drones, the works. What we need is simple, but Joe Biden and Mark Kelly want the opposite. Which is why we’re going to win big in 2022.”

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