Alex Jones, and the far-right Infowars site he hosts, has been hit with a ban from Apple, Facebook, Spotify and YouTube for hate speech violations.

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The Democrat/Liberal elites are in full force today. Apple, Facebook, YouTube, and Spotify have united together to silence InfoWars. This past weekend Alex Jones simply streamed the Antifa, the foot shoulders of the Democrat Party, while they counter-protested the peaceful rally of the conservative Trump supporters. Will Johnson was there and witnessed the only chaos is when the police were attacked by Antifa because they wouldn’t let them near the peaceful Patriot Prayer march.

We have been reporting the neverending terrorism by the left. It is time to stand up if you love this country. Delete your Facebook page, Unsubscribe to Netflix etc.

Contributor Marie Penetranti

Source: Apple, Facebook, YouTube and Spotify remove ‘Alex Jones Show,’ Infowars over hate speech