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AOC Tweets an Unimaginably Stupid Question Asking Why Republicans Are Trying ‘To police who is a woman and who isn’t’

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) (D-NY) has suggested that Republicans are seeking “to police who is a woman and who isn’t.”

The dopey congresswoman from New York took to social media to defend the transgender movement with more insults.

“How is it that the party who believes corporations are people are suddenly trying to police who is a woman and who isn’t? These are the same people who think Arby’s is a legal human being. I don’t see them assigning genders to their shady little LLCs. Give me a break”

There is so much wrong with AOC’s tweet that it denies belief in a Benevolent Being that she is an elected member of Congress. Come on, New York! Do better.

First off, AOC is misrepresenting what Republicans believe. Because Republicans in the past have said that corporations are people, AOC wants you to believe that Republicans think either the corporate building or manufacturing plant or the articles of incorporation are actual human beings.

One or more human beings create a corporation. Among all the legal mumbo jumbo that goes into it, they file “articles of incorporation,” and then they stuff those papers into a desk drawer, a safe, or a filing cabinet and pretty much forget about it. AOC wants you to believe that Republicans think that those papers do all the work of the corporation. So, if the company makes plastic products, AOC and her brethren believe that Republicans think that stack of papers is in the plant running the machinery to create the products the corporation is going to sell.

In short, liberals try to make Republicans look stupid by making a stupid argument about Republican beliefs that are obviously false.

AOC has once again demonstrated that she is dumb as a box of hair.

The main point of her tweet was that Republicans are trying to control who is a woman and who isn’t. I think science, real science, already has that nailed down. People born with XX chromosomes are female and people born with XY chromosomes are male. There is no option three. That’s it.

This is hilarious coming from a party that claims to have a monopoly on science while believing if a man puts on a dress and identifies as a woman, he is, in fact, a woman. AOC uses that ridiculous unscientific belief to insult the people who know better. Even the young children that the Left want to sexualize by teaching them inappropriate matter in schools know better.

The congresswoman’s sidebar ignorance stems from the Citizens United case in 2010, where leftists howled at the moon when the US Supreme Court ruled that corporations were now allowed to do the same things that unions were allowed to do for decades. The ruling was a victory for First Amendment rights that led to the creation of so-called Super PACs, that are groups of like-minded American citizens that independently engage in political speech arguing to either elect or defeat specific candidates. Unions for decades did the exact same thing by taking union workers’ dues money and instead of using for what it is intended for, contract arbitration efforts, donate it to Democrat candidates who would, in the Quo to their monetized Quid, create laws favorable to unions and screwing all other workers. It’s called pay-for-play.

Whenever leftists lose anything, they lie about it, and their lie about Citizens United is that the court argued that a building or a desk is an actual person. No one believes any such thing. People work at corporations and they have the right to make their speech known just like people who are members of labor unions. Democrats just don’t like the competition.

Liz Wolfe from Reason responded to AOC’s tweet, and she wasn’t kind.

“This is an incomprehensibly stupid tweet”

OUCH! But remember, AOC once said during an interview that President Donald Trump‘s unemployment numbers only look good because most Americans had to work more than one job. #CuckooCcuckooCuckoo

Several minutes later, Wolfe followed up with a more detailed explanation.

“I am not generally convinced of the “AOC is dumb” thing; I think she tends to be well-read & adept at explaining complex issues to her target demo…but there’s surely some amount of deliberate & cheap obfuscation happening here, to pander to her base’s idiocy on this issue…”

Of course, AOC’s tweet was another hit piece against parents who want their children protected from teachers who are grooming them in the classroom. I know we’re not supposed to use the G word, but what else can you call it when numerous teachers have been caught asking children as young as 5-years-old in their classrooms if they ever feel like they’re not really a boy but a girl instead and vice versa?

Leftists believe they are supporting the LGBTQ+ the little caret symbol and the Tilda thing that goes over some Spanish letters community, by framing things like the new Florida law called “Parental Rights in Education” where teachers are not allowed to sexualize children from ages 5 through third grade inside the classroom, are hostile to LGBTQ+ people. Democrats, including the Biden White House, have indicated that this is a hill they are willing to die on.

Everywhere we look, Democrats are coming out in support of sexualizing children in schools. They frame the argument as if parents are being cruel to gay and transgender people. They dubbed the Florida law the “Don’t Say Gay” law even though that phrase, nor anything close to it, appears in the bill. The word gay also doesn’t appear anywhere in the bill.

Conservatives and Republicans, who live in the real world, understand that there are real ramifications for our society if we allow gender definitions to be screwed up by including more than biological male and female. The ramifications are extreme when we consider these evil people are trying to condition children as young as 5 to question what their gender is or to at least get them thinking about what the social construct of gender identity is. Science proves that children at the age of 5 do not have the hormones in their bodies to make distinctions of what they believe their gender is. If you ask most young children what a woman is, they will tell you she is a female that can have babies. It’s a shame that AOC and radical Supreme Court justices don’t know as much as a 5-year-old girl.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. John

    April 11, 2022 at 5:35 am

    AOC like most liberals, doesn’t know what a women is either or at least admit what a women is.

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