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AOC Stormed the Capitol in 2018, When ‘Turn Around’ Is Not Fair Play

Young Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez  (AOC) gets a lot of attention for her lipstick and her entertaining and dramatic radical far-leftist style. Like many Marxist cohorts, she uses her government authority to push for an authoritarian regime to overthrow the US Republic. That is the purpose of Marxism.

AOC is like the pied piper of young well educated, and professional Marxists who have been pampered and taught tactics to push for Socialism, to destroy the system of free enterprise in the United States. Her cute little girl antics should be addressed seriously by grown-ups, but too many of them are just impressed with her acting skills and move on.

Cortez is in the news recently for her dramatic interpretations of what happened in Washington DC at the US Capitol on Jan. 6th, and she is being allowed to lie and to malign Americans, as well set a different narrative from what happened, because she is a girl, a cute actress, and has red lipstick.

And because people like to look at her, because some people think she is “hot”.

But what she is, is a Community Organizer, a liar, and a hypocrite. AOC doesn’t want Americans to be angry or involved in the political process unless they follow her.

We all have seen AOC’s mental breakdowns over her almost being “murdered,” as she tells it.  Then she added that she is a poor little victim and had grown men defending her rape accusations because she was shivering and crying.

A man called into the Rush Limbaugh show on Monday and was almost in tears and heaving anger that Rush would dare criticize AOC because she was just a scared little girl.

Yeah- that is a fantasy.

Then we find out AOC was not even in the area when the events unfolded that she was describing.

And now we are reminded that AOC herself, in2018, led a group of radical, angry leftists to infiltrate an office on Capitol Hill.


A poster on Twitter recalled the story and posted, “FLASHBACK: @AOC lead group of protesters that stormed @SpeakerPelosi‘s office in 2018 for hours until Capitol Hill Police arrested 51 of the protesters for unlawful entry and protest (more than were arrested at the Capitol on the 6th). AOC incited Capitol’s attack in 2018 using her ID badge to give the insurgents (51 of whom were arrested by Capitol Hill Police) access to Speaker Pelosi’s office. The Speaker was trapped inside for more than two hours as police attempted to remove the protesters.”


Politico reported at the time, “More than 200 youth activists, flanked by Rep.-elect Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, flooded House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi’s office this morning urging Democrats to act more decisively on climate change.

Capitol Police said they arrested 51 protesters for unlawfully demonstrating outside Pelosi’s office in the Cannon House Office Building. The arrests began a few hours after the demonstration began when protesters refused to leave the area. Pelosi said she welcomed the protest and called on the police “to allow them to continue to organize and participate in our democracy.”

If you believed AOC’s story, color yourself “foolish” because that is how we see you. Red lipstick on a Marist is still a Marxist.

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