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AOC: Capitalism Baaaaad….Socialism Gooooood

I don’t why it is but socialists and communists always think that capitalism is the enemy of the worker and not its best friend. In socialism, there is no competition. Not for jobs and not for the goods that you buy. It is a double whammy on the worker. Can you name me one socialist or communist country that has had a robust middle class?

The pat liberal answer here is Norway, but Norway is not a truly socialist country. In a socialist country, the workers pay the cost of running the country. Norway has a massive amount of oil reserves and workers pay possibly half the taxes they would be paying if they had to shoulder the burden themselves.

In a socialist country, the elite try to keep wages down so their lifestyle can be grander. That is also why they allow no competition in pricing. In capitalism, companies try to find ways to save money they can pss onto the consumer to increase their market share.

AOC said:

“Capitalism at its core, what we’re talking about when we talk about that is the absolute pursuit of profit at all human, environmental, and social cost.”

“They can control industry, they can control our energy sources, they can control our labor, they can control massive markets, that they dictate and can capture governments, and they can essentially have power over the many. And to me, that is not a redeemable system for us to be able to participate in for the prosperity and peace for the vast majority of people.”

From The Blaze

The New York democratic socialist cited the Koch family, and criticized them for “having control over the vast majority or large plurality of our oil assets in the United States.”

“Private families having control over means of production, that is essentially the capitalist system that we live in,” AOC told host Andy Serwer. “It is a small group that is of privatized control over what we eat and how we fuel our society.”

She said Facebook acts as a communication platform, advertiser, platform, and vendor.

“And so because they are so many businesses and industries in one, the case is, I believe, right there in and of itself as to why they should be subject to antitrust activity,” she remarked.

AOC blamed Facebook for exporting disinformation, which she said has “absolutely slowed and frankly sabotaged the global effort to fight against the coronavirus.”

AOC wants the government to control every facet of your life, including what you are allowed to say. In countries like that and what she wants for us here is that you round up the dissidents, lock them in a room and then you throw the room away.

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