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AOC Admits Dems are in Big ‘Trouble’ Ahead of Midterms

If I were a skeptic, I would say AOC is the dumbest person in the world. Okay, so I’m a skeptic. Sue me. Her latest brainstorm is for Joe Biden to enact the liberal agenda through Executive Orders. Forget the fact that it would be unconstitutional, it would destroy her own party. All spending must originate in the House. Not the White House but the House of Representatives.

We know this to be true because there was no White House at the time the constitution was ratified. John and Abigail Adams were the first inhabitants of the White House in 1800.

AOC now admits that the Democrats are in deep doo doo in the 2022 midterm election. But, she doesn’t realize the reason that is true is because of the radical liberal policies. Enacting them without Congress will set off the voters and make the St Valentine’s Day massacre look like a mud fight. Inflation is terrible now and if Biden continues to attack our oil and gas industry, large parts of this country could find themselves with inadequate supplies during the dreaded winter months.

AOC said:

“We need to acknowledge that this isn’t just about [the] middle of the road, an increasingly narrow band of independent voters. This is really about the collapse of support among young people, among the Democratic base, who are feeling that they worked overtime to get this president elected and aren’t necessarily being seen.”

“If the president does pursue and start to govern decisively using executive action and other tools at his disposal, I think we’re in the game. But if we decide to just kind of sit back for the rest of the year and not change people’s lives — yeah, I do think we’re in trouble.”

From The Blaze

What are the policies that Ocasio-Cortez is advocating for? According to the Washington Post, they include enacting environmental protections, lowering health care costs, overhauling police departments, canceling federal student loan debts, and expanding protections for illegal immigrants.

The Post reported earlier this month Ocasio-Cortez and her 97 Democratic colleagues in the Congressional Progressive Caucus have decided to demand executive action from Biden on a range of issues in hopes that the actions will save the party from an embarrassing political defeat in November.

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