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ANTIFA TERRORIST WITH PIPE BOMB Who Targeted Jan. 6 Patriot Event Is Released from Jail Without Posting Bond

What is the difference between an antifa terrorist and a January 6th Patriot? The Patriot does not get bail so he can get out of jail, but liberal judges allow the antifa terrorist to walk free without asking him for bail. I guess that is because a MAGA hat is dangerous, but a pipe bomb isn’t, right? Garrett James Smith had a backpack that contained a pipe bomb, a gas mask, pepper spray, smoke rockets, and flammable rags.

But, political prisoner Jeremy Brown. Brown is a decorated U.S. Army special forces soldier. The FBI tried to recruit him as an informant but, he refused. Months later they arrested him because he was allegedly inside the imaginary No-Go zone. He is charged with simple trespassing, but he has been refused bail.

According to local Sheriff Bob Gualtieri, officers chased Smith, who became a target of police as he ran from the venue, dressed like the antifa punk that he is. And, remember, Smith was arrested a couple of other times at riots, whereas Brown has a clean record. Is it any wonder the crime rate is so high in liberal cities? They let the criminals walk free.

From The Gateway Pundit

Authorities searched Smith’s home and found another pipe bomb, hand grenade-style explosives, nails and duct tape. Smith also wore a helmet showcasing the “Iron Front” emblem (three red arrows in a circle). This logo is used by Antifa groups.

Additionally, the suspect had until several months ago been based in Portland, Oregon- a city that’s name has now become synonymous with violent riots and the left wing militant group.

Smith was held on a $300,250 bond. He was charged with three counts of possession or discharge of a destructive device and one count of loitering and prowling.

Contrast this with the treatment of January 6th political prisoners, who continue to suffer in prison with no bail on 22 hour a day lockdown- many of the accused of non-violent crimes like loitering and disorderly conduct.

On Thursday terrorist bomber Garrett Smith was released from Pinellas County Jail without posting bond on his own recognizance.


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