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Antifa Terrorist Convicted on Four Counts of Attempted Murder Gets No Jail Time

During the Antifa-BLM riots of 2020 protesters in Aurora, Colorado shut down Interstate 255 in the afternoon, one family in a vehicle attempted to drive through the crowd of protesters that were walking on I-225 in Aurora, Colorado. When they did, Samuel Young, an antifa domestic terrorist, fired five shots at the driver. He hit the vehicle twice and wounded two protesters in the process. He was convicted on four counts of attempted murder.

He won’t spend a day in prison for his crimes. January 6th protesters are being held in the DC Gulag, some on misdemeanor charges without the hope of bail, edible food, necessary medication, and in squalid conditions, but an antifa terrorist shoots two people while trying to murder four people and he gets nothing? Welcome to the Democrat’s America. Remember this when you vote in November.

The Aurora Police Department tweeted:

“While the protestors were walking on I-225, a vehicle decided to drive through the crowd. A protestor decided to fire off a weapon, striking at least 1 other protester. They were transported to the hospital in stable condition.”

So this shooting just happened at BLM riot in Aurora. There was a car with a family in it, they approach the car with a rifle…The car speeds off. They almost executed a family just like they executed the teenagers in the Seattle chop. #aurora #protests #antifa #BLM

— Justin Roberts (@Crawnchee) July 26, 2020

From The Gateway Pundit

Andy Ngo reported on Locals.:

Colorado Antifa shooter Samuel Young, who was convicted of four counts of attempted manslaughter when he shot at a driver trying to flee rioters on the highway in Aurora, was sentenced this week to no prison time. He received only five years of probation instead of the six years in prison that the prosecution sought. He had faced a maximum of 16 years in prison under sentencing guidelines.

Read the rest at Locals.

Meanwhile, Trump supporters rot in prison for walking into the US Capitol on Jan. 6.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. William Wallace

    May 23, 2022 at 12:35 pm

    I think it is well past time for my favorite response: Heads on Sticks! Draw and Quarter!

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