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ANTIFA Ready To Continue To Fight Even After Election, Plan For Week of Action Beginning Nov. 4

The groups responsible for violence in Seattle and Portland over the summer call for “shutting down business as usual” in the week following the election.

Antifa and other activists are organizing in the Pacific Northwest to stage demonstrations for an entire week following the Novemeber 3rd election.

“Whoever loses this election, we have a world to win!” declared Popular Mobilization in their announcement of Week of Action.

These groups are calling for a week of community action and “shutting down business as usual.”

It appears that the week of elections will be violent no matter what the political outcome because, in their own words, “we’ve been given a choice between one presidential candidate who emboldens the US’ spiraling undercurrent of far-right hate and one who will do nothing to stop it.”

“We cannot pay rent, so we will not pay rent,” they write. “We cannot safely work, so we will not work.”

“Stay ungovernable,” writes PNW Youth Liberation Front in announcement of the upcoming week-long campaign.

The coalition is made up of various “anti-fascist” groups in the Pacific Northwest, including groups like Popular Mobilization, Symbiosis PDX, the PNW Youth Liberation Front.

Violence is not mentioned outright in these advertisements for the Week of Action, but these groups have been responsible for much of the violence in cities like Seattle and Portland since May. Andy Ngo reported in August that it was the PNW Youth Liberation Front responsible for the riot in which Portland’s Multnomah Building was lit on fire.

These “anti-fascist” coalitions are gathering themselves around some of the following radical principles listed on their website:

  • Black Lives Matter – End Racist Policing
  • Decolonize – This Is Indigenous Land
  • Mutual Aid – Share Resources
  • Housing Is A Right – Resist Evictions
  • We Protect Us – We Defend Ourselves

The coalition also declares its alliance with People’s Strike, a movement that has been organizing monthly protests since May to demand radical changes to society along socialist principles.

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