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Antifa-Insurgence Leader John Sullivan Speaks Out: Biden’s Victory Is ‘Fishy,’ Massive Support For Trump ‘Speaks For Itself’ (Video)

Even antifa leaders don’t believe that Biden won the election in November. Activist John Sullivan, who was arrested during the Washington DC riots for damaging the inside of the Capitol Building was interviewed by Owen Shroyer of Infowars. In it he expressed doubts on the veracity of the November election, pointing out that public support for Joe Biden paled against that of President Trump.

Sullivan, who heads the group he founded, Insurgence USA and who supports neither party and endorsed neither candidate says that the results are in question because there was no organic support for Joe Biden. Of course, that is his opinion and he offered no proof of election fraud. But, it does show that some people other than Republicans have questions.

Sullivan said:

“I saw a lot of Trump rallies starting to pop up across the nation, I saw the support that he was getting. But I didn’t see really any of the support that Biden was getting. I see no rallies for Biden.”

“You don’t see Biden rallies with Biden 2020 signs flags popping up all over the US. You see a lot of Trump rallies and Trump 2020 rallies. So that does speak for itself. That does speak for something – that people are willing to go out and advocate for something that they believe in.”

Sullivan admitted that he bought a Trump hat so he could infiltrate the Stop the Steal protest at the Capitol. He made a video in which he admitted that he broke windows and caused other damage inside the building. He was originally released when he told the police he was only there filming the Trump supporters. He was later rearrested and released after the video was discovered.

From The Gateway Pundit

Sullivan was also seen in the video encouraging violent rioters inside and around the Capitol Building as he damaged federal property. The mayhem left at least five people dead, including Air Force veteran Ashi Babbit who Sullivan filmed getting shot and killed.

Shortly after the footage was published, Sullivan was arrested by the FBI.

Prior to the Capitol siege, Sullivan gave a speech calling on a crowd of protesters to “fucking rip Trump” out of the White House.

Sullivan said:

“There is definitely something kind of fishy to say that Biden got all of these votes when Trump had all of these people out there protesting. I believe that [Biden] won in the sense that that’s what came through the system, right? That came through the ballot machines. That’s what counted. Do I think that there could have been some kind, some sort of miscount or rigging? Yes, I do.”

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