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Anti-Gun Philly Gun Violence Counselor Allegedly Shot and Killed His Trans Prostitute Date In Middle of Cemetery, News Media Blackout

Where to begin, oh, where to begin?  You’re just not going to believe this story, but it has to be told anyway.

First and foremost, this story is so crazy, and with a Philly media blackout, I want to mention that everything I write about here is to be prefaced with the word “allegedly.”

Philadelphia is in the news so much this week, because of Black Lives Matter (BLM) kicking Donald Trump’s reelection campaign into high gear. This story also ties directly into one of Joe Biden’s signature campaign issues; The “skyrocketing” murders of black transgender “women,” or, black men who feel  the need to wear ugly prom dresses and their resume.  It’s what creepy, sleep Joe cares about.

If that isn’t strange enough, the media doesn’t wish to touch this story with a ten-foot pole.   

FAIR WARNING: This isn’t a warm and fuzzy family story you’re about to read.

The latest brouhaha in Philadelphia began after police failed to follow Joe Biden’s police reform recommendation. When a dangerous, psychotic criminal with a mile-long rap sheet attacked police with a knife, they didn’t shoot the man in the leg as Joe Biden will unconstitutionally order cops across the nation to do if he wins the election next week.  No, they shot and killed him before he stabbed on of them.

The newest BLM martyr pled guilty to a home invasion robbery back in 2017 during which he kicked down a woman’s door and held a gun to her head.  A real Biden voter.  By 2020 he was already back in polite society. In fact, he was awaiting for another trial for threatening to shoot a woman when he had his fatal encounter with Philly police.

Why wasn’t this man in prison?  Well, that’s because of Larry Krasner, the Philadelphia District Attorney, another George Soros-funded progressive DA where the billionaire radical leftist dumped buckets of money into his campaign to help him get elected.  And like many Soros-backed DAs like Kim Foxx in Chicago who dropped over 25,000 cases in the first three years of her getting elected, and suddenly, out of nowhere, dropped all charges against hate-crime-hoaxer Jussie Smollett.  Or Kim Gardner, the Circuit Attorney in St. Louis, Missouri who charged the McCloskeys for defending their home against a mob of rioters who broke through a locked gate and entered their property with the intent to do harm. In Philly’s Larry Krasner’s case, he lets criminals out of jail as often as he can, and only fights for minimal sentences for serious violent crimes committed against the very people he was elected to defend.

Thanks to the BLM summer lovefest  that Joe Biden’s voters have put the country through, Philadelphia just had its 400th black-on-black homicide for the year  with homicides spiking up 42 percent in Philadelphia this year under DA Larry Krasner’s catch-and-release policies.  They even beat New York City out that has a whopping 30 percent homicide increase rate.  I hope the voters in Philly are paying attention that a billionaire Nazi collaborator is running an experiment to the American justice system at their expense.

You might assume that while Philadelphia is in a state of war after BLM rioters injured over 30 police officers and rioters taking advantage of the “Walter Wallace Jr 100 Percent Discount” by looting stores that the DA’s office is working overtime in conjunction with the police department to help get control of the situation, but you couldn’t be more wrong.

One of Krasner’s staff is a man by the name of Devonte’ Douglass.  Douglass just happens to be Philadelphia’s Gun Violence Counselor.  Yes, things are so bad in thee City of  Brotherly Love that they had to hire a gun violence counselor. He’s an anti gun guy who works for the DA’s office.  He offers counseling services to family members who lose their loved ones resulting from DA Larry Krasner’s catch-and-release policies.   2020, the armpit of calendar years, has made Douglass a very busy man.

Nevertheless, Douglass wasn’t in the office on Tuesday at 10 am, even though he was being paid to be there by the Philadelphia taxpayers.  Instead, Douglass picked up a black tranny (yeah, I said it) prostitute, drove him/her/ze/zer/it to a local cemetery (because that’s where we all go when we want to have sex with black transvestite Philadelphia hookers) and paid the man, the woman, the ze, the zer, it $500 for a bizarre sex act in the back of a Dodge Durango with the windows rolled down, doing things that did not involve social distancing or the wearing of masks.

After they concluded the fiduciary aspect of their transaction, the black trans “person” pulled out a .357 and demanded more cash from the city’s Gun Violence Counselor. The male prostitute then put the gun away and started to walk around to the front of the vehicle. That’s when the city’s very liberal, very anti-Second Amendment Gun Violence Counselor allegedly pulled out his Glock and plugged his weird “date” twice in the trans chest.

Despite the fact that he allegedly killed his date while the black trans “woman” was not pointing a gun at him, Douglass has not been charged with a crime. Philadelphia police revealed that this isn’t the first time that Douglass picked up a trans prostitute for bizarre sex acts in the back of a Dodge Durango in a neighborhood cemetery while he’s on the taxpayers’ dime.  Here’s the kicker.  Philadelphia local media has imposed a complete blackout on this story.  You will neither read nor hear about it from a Philly news source.  Not even the tabloids are covering.  Not even the leftist Philadelphia City Paper or Philadelphia Magazine or even Metro Chinese Weekly!

A short digression:  I remember a story when Fast Eddie Rendell was elected Mayor of Philly, Philadelphia Newspapers, Inc. which owned the two top Philly newspapers the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News, both left-wing outlets (so much for competition) owed a serious sum of money in back taxes to the city.  Rumor had it that Rendell made them an offer they couldn’t refuse and allegedly told the news firm that if they never wrote a single negative story about him or his administration he would accept the puny amount of $15,000 and call the tax liability settled.  Of course, they jumped on the offer and held up their end of the bargain by never writing a single, solitary negative story about the crooked Democrat mayor.  Do you think maybe Mayor Jim Kenney has a similar deal?  Why else would the Philadelphia news industry not want to jump on this juicy story that would make you want to throw up in your own mouth when you read it?  Sorry for that.  Or, could it be because liberal news outlets feel it would be too politically incorrect to report on a black man of power killing his transgender prostitute who tried to shake him down for more money in the middle of performing in the cemetery sex Olympics?

One Philadelphia reporter explained that the media isn’t covering the story as a result of it could be cruel to “out” Devonte’ Douglass as a gay man, especially because the nature of his relationship with the black trans hooker is “unclear.”  Wait, what?  How about cruelty toward the human being who is dead because of the Gun Violence Counselor’s alleged use of his own firearm to kill him/her/ze/zer/it?

Good, God, the logic of liberals is exhausting on the human brain.  I mean, I thought black lives were supposed to matter to leftist journos?  I realize this is another black on black crime that leftist reporters don’t care about, but still.   The hypocrisy of an anti-gun, Gun Violence Counselor shooting and killing someone who happens to be a transvestite prostitute he just did really strange things with in the back of a Dodge Durango in the middle of a cemetery should be enough to get even a last page mention?  Instead, it get “meh.”

Things like this are in the top 100 reasons 26 years ago I ran screaming from Philadelphia, a city I was born, educated and raised in, and have never looked back.

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