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Anthony Scaramucci Gets Spanked on TV, Proved he is Unprepared to Deal With the Left

Anthony Scramoochi is a vocal and weird little opponent of President Donald J. Trump who blew his chance to work for the Trump administration in a highly public disgraceful fall from grace as Trump’s press secretary because he was not prepared to deal with the media in a meaningful way.

On Saturday, Scaramucci’s wife, Deidre Scaramucci, ran to his defense as “The Mooch” was publically humiliated because he was not prepared to deal with the same media,  on a recent TV program, when he was asked to come on the show under the pretense of supporting him, and then had the tables turned on him for the amusement of the far left audience:

After getting fired for being completely ill-prepared for the job with Trump, Scaramucci, “the Mooch” went on to suck up to the far left as an opponent of Trump’s, in an attempt to be relevant and to recreate himself as a strong Conservative “who just couldn’t support Trump’s America First policies because he was too smart for that”- or something along those lines. In truth,  Scaramucci as a pundit never sounded like anything other than a disgruntled employee.

In reality, the mooch tried to have “his cake and eat it too”, and only when that didn’t work did he turn on Trump, and now no one wants him around except Hollywood actors, which should tell people something.

But that is not far enough for love to embrace him.

On Saturday, the Mooch found himself crying on Twitter, in public, over that MSNBC appearance Tiffany Cross because she “spanked him and sent him home”. She humiliated him and showed how unprepared he is as a public speaker- proving that Trump was right to fire him. He is unskilled and slow.

Here is a Baldwin brother rushing to White Knight for Scarmucci, who is very hurt by the left’s attacks on his character.

The truth is that Cross had Mooch on to embarrass him; she double-crosses him pretending to support the Mooch, and then she “dressed him down,” and Scaramucci was so in love with himself that he fell for it and was caught off guard.

Imagine how he would have been as a Press Secretary.

Then the two of them ended up in a public spat on Twitter for the world to enjoy:

Imagine what he would have been like a press secretary for Trump. Trump was right to ditch him.

Scaramucci was the press secretary who happened for a few days between the somewhat lame Sean Spicer, who was seen as being too of to handle the far-left activist media, and the highly professional Sarah Sanders, who was a warrior for the Trump administration.

Scaramucci apparently thought that the left would enjoy some jokes with him, and he was never prepared for the viciousness of the activist press, and apparently, he never learned his lesson.

Scaramucci may think that purchasing notebooks for Native Americans will purchase him some favorability, but it didn’t.

He will have to purchase some notebooks for African American women now because there is “blood in the water”, and it is unclear how “The Mooch’ is going to get out of this one.

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