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Anthony Blinken Warns China To Stop Sending Warplanes to Taiwan; Will General Milley Call the Chi-Coms To Tell Them We Won’t Do Anyting?

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

Secretary of State Antony Blinken gave a warning to China that they had better stop sending warplanes over Taiwan, noting that there is a risk of an accidental conflict that could cause global powers to get into some kind of clash. Hopefully, this wasn’t like Obama’s red line with Middle East terrorists.

I wonder if General Mark Milley called his Chinese counterpart to tell him we’re not really going to do anything? That’s a legitimate question for a traitor.

“We are very concerned by the PRC’s provocative military activity near Taiwan,” Blinken said to reporters while in Paris. “As we’ve said, the activity is destabilizing. It risks miscalculation, and it has the potential to undermine regional peace and stability.”

As Blinken gave the paper tiger warning to China, a private meeting between Jake Sullivan, the same guy who was recently indicted for lying to the FBI over the debunked Trump-Russia collusion hoax started Hillary Clinton, and the Chinese Communist Party’s Yang Jiechi, a Politburo member, the irritable director of Beijing’s Foreign Affairs Commission.

A couple of US Senators gestured their support for Taiwan while as China is throwing unparalleled show of air power that wipes away any doubt that Beijing is going to invade Taiwan and they are taunting the US to intervene. Giving that our president has the brain power of a houseplant, and most of our top generals are incompetent “yes men” thanks to that Democratic Party prank known as President Barack Obama, we could be facing a serious problem. This is especially so after the world recently witnessed our total failure in a withdrawal from Afghanistan, where those in charge did things that would normally get them court martialed. Our enemies see this and think now is the time for them to make their move.

“Mr. Sullivan raised a number of areas where we have concern with the PRC’s actions, including actions related to human rights, Xinjiang, Hong Kong, the South China Sea, and Taiwan,” the White House stressed after a meeting in Zurich.

The meeting between Yang and Sullivan was considered a follow-up to President Biden’s phone call with Chinese President Xi Jinping, obviously a much smarter man, last month, however, it happened during a time when Chinese fighter jets were flying over Taiwan’s air defense zone this week, which raises suspicions that the Chinese government is setting things up for a massive conflict over Taiwan. The warning that American leaders would mobilize US forces to fight with the people of Taiwan.

I’m sure Xi Jinping is quaking in his combat boots.

Last Friday, Deputy Defense Secretary Kathleen Hicks told the Center for Strategic and International Studies, “If you’re out, the Indo-Pacific Command in Hawaii, you’re watching it day to day, we have a significant amount of capability forward in the region to tamp down any such potential.”

China sent two sorties totaling 38 warplanes toward Taiwan, which was an aggressive celebration of the October 1 anniversary founding of the People’s Republic of China, otherwise known as the day the Chinese people lost their freedoms to the communists. As the Chinese air threats continue, Taiwanese officials get ready for their National Day on October 10.

“We have good relations, of course, with Taiwan,” Hicks said. “We have commitments to Taiwan that are enduring since the 1970s. And central to that is helping the Taiwanese with their self-defense capabilities.”

In other words, the US has a legal obligation to protect Taiwan from China.

The Chi-Coms claim they have sovereignty over Taiwan, but the Chinese Communist Party has never actually ruled over them. The United States has provided defense equipment to supply Taiwanese military forces, however, US officials have never specifically said that American forces would intervene if China invades the island. Today, we have the worst Commander-in-Chief with the worst top Pentagon brass at the worst possible time. What could go wrong?

“We have an interest in ensuring democracies can flourish,” Hicks said. “Primarily, that’s expressed through the self-defense of Taiwan, but the United States works closely with partners throughout the world on that.”

Blinken also proclaimed a strong relationship between the US and Taiwan:

“So, we strongly urge Beijing to cease its military, diplomatic, and economic pressure and coercion directed at Taiwan,” he said. “The United States has a commitment to Taiwan that is rock solid and, over many years, has contributed to the maintenance of peace and stability across the Taiwan Strait and within the region. And we will continue to stand with friends, with allies to advance shared prosperity, shared security, shared values, as well as continue to deepen our ties with a democratic Taiwan.”

Does anyone believe he means it? He told us no Americans would be left behind in Afghanistan behind enemy lines with the Taliban, and then the administration left hundreds of Americans behind. Like most Democrats, Blinken’s words do not inspire faith.

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