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Another Allegation Against Cuomo Says He Allegedly Told a Woman What He Would Do With Her If He Were a Dog

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo was the golden child just a few short months ago and it was all because he almost daily trashed then President Donald Trump.  Trump Derangement Syndrome was so strong among the Democrats and more importantly our press that they all ignored the incompetence and bullying personality of the governor until he was no longer useful.  I think until now there are seven women who have come out against Cuomo for sexual harassment, I’ve actually lost count.

But according to new sexual harassment allegations by the first victim to come forward, the New York governor allegedly told a woman he would try to “mount” her if he were a dog.  What does he mean, if?  This man is a dog.

This new allegation is being added by Cuomo’s original accuser Lindsey Boylan.  Remember when Boylan first came out against the governor?

During an interview with Ronan Farrow of The New Yorker, Boylan says, “I remember being grossed out but also, like, what a dumb third-grade thing to say. … I just shrugged it off.”  When Ronan Farrow gets involved, look out.

Farrow said, “A spokesperson for Cuomo declined to comment specifically on the claim, but reiterated Cuomo’s denial that he behaved inappropriately with Boylan.”  Yeah, a professional woman just out of the blue made it all up.  That’s what Cuomo wants us all to believe.

Farrow wrote: “At a press conference that February, Cuomo had proudly showed off his new puppy, a Siberian-Shepherd-Malamute mix named Captain. After the meeting, Boylan said that she made her way toward the entrance with the Governor, and Captain approached her. When the dog jumped up and down near her, Boylan said, she reached out to calm him, and then backed away. Cuomo, she said, joked that if he were a dog, he would try to ‘mount’ her as well. Boylan said that she did not reply. “I remember being grossed out but also, like, what a dumb third-grade thing to say.” She added, ‘I just shrugged it off.’ A spokesperson for Cuomo declined to comment specifically on the claim, but reiterated Cuomo’s denial that he behaved inappropriately with Boylan.”

Things are not looking good for the New York Democrat as the allegations against him keep piling up.

At the beginning of this month the worst allegation against Cuomo came out when an anonymous accuser implicated that Cuomo asked her to come to his mansion to help him with “technical issues” and when she got there the governor “reached under her blouse” and “aggressively groped” her.

What he did was so horrible that it was referred to the state police.

“As a matter of state policy, when allegations of physical contact are made, the agency informs the complainant that they should contact their local police department,” Beth Garvey, Cuomo’s acting counsel said in a statement. “If they decline, the agency has an obligation to reach out themselves and inform the department of the allegation.”

“In this case, the person is represented by counsel and when counsel confirmed the client did not want to make a report, the state notified the police department and gave them the attorney’s information,” Garvey added.

An impeachment inquiry was launched against Cuomo last week, not by New York Republicans, but by Democrats because sexual harassment and sexual assault allegations keep piling up against Cuomo.  The New York Times reported, “New York State lawmakers, many of them Democrats, opened an impeachment inquiry into Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo on Thursday, signaling that members of the governor’s party were abandoning him amid a series of sexual harassment allegations.”

I still can’t get over the fact that many Democrat lawmakers in New York came out after these allegations hit and said that Cuomo was this way all along, he acted like a bully and treated women very unfairly all along, but where were they all along?   Why did they not say something until recently?

The New York State Assembly will conduct the investigation into the allegations made against the governor.  And that’s not all that’s going on against this governor as it was recently revealed that Democrats will also be investigating Cuomo’s nursing home debacle where he got his administration to cover up the real number of nursing home deaths after he made the decision to force COVID-19 positive patients into nursing homes to be among the vulnerable of our society, senior citizens, allegedly causing close to 15,000 deaths from the pandemic virus.

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