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Anomalies in 2020 Voting Statistics Prove Voter Fraud Cannot Be Denied

In college I hated statistics.  I would cringe waking up on mornings I knew I had to go into a Statistics 101 class, because back then it didn’t excite me in the least.  Not so today.  The analysis of what happened during this election is still somewhat foggy, even though pretty much everyone on the planet by now knows that the Democrats were involved in some serious voter fraud, whether they want to admit it publicly or not in the Fake News media.  There are just too many instances and anomalies discovered from all the key battleground states.

In analysis, the numbers additionally point to the strong improbability of the accuracy of the current Biden lead.  The statistical case gives more than sufficient reasonable doubt to require hand recounts and immediate investigation into fraudulent activities, together with the new discoveries of whistleblowers who have gone on the record and filled out affidavits upon penalty of perjury.  Statistically speaking, the pattern is that conservatives don’t usually lie under oath as they have a lot to lose, so there’s that.

There are several things we can look at that together stink to high heaven to prove massive voter fraud.

Turnout was expected to be high.  2020 was an incredibly political year, with COVID-19 hammering people and businesses, especially in blue states where governors seemed to delight in locking them all down because they believed they would be able to blame President Donald Trump, and the riots that took place in Democrat-run cities following the death of George Floyd.  So, the turnout was expected to be higher than normal.

We’re finding out, for example, that in Wisconsin the turnout was over 90 percent of registered voters.   Can any reasonable person believe that number?  The answer is no, so then how did it happen?  Were people voting who didn’t really vote?  You have no idea how many ways you can find out through voter rolls and voting data matched up.  For example, how many thousands of people are registered to vote, but have no noted in years?  So, you can fill out ballots for those people, and if they didn’t vote in the 2020 election, no one would be the wiser.

Okay, so when we take a look at the city of Milwaukee, which is Wisconsin’s largest city, they had a turnout rate of 84 percent, which is what put Joe Biden in the lead by 145,9416 votes.

However, when you look at another comparable city like Cleveland, Ohio where the population is around 381,000 people ranging at about 60 percent minority compared to Milwaukee’s 67 percent of minorities out of 590,000 people, it seems that an 84 percent Milwaukee turnout just smashes Cleveland’s 51 percent turnout rate.   My point being, that we are seeing a statistical phenomenon of a high number of votes in the key battleground states that Trump and Biden needed to win.  Wouldn’t we see the same high turnout rate from the surrounding Midwestern states?  How come only in the battleground states then?

Another thing to compare is the breakouts in the key battleground states that were higher for Joe Biden than even Barack Obama isn’t believable for a New York minute.  To think that a dull, lethargic, lazy man with dementia, a man ready for the giggle house if we ever saw one, who called a lid on campaigning by 9 am more days than not, would outperform a political rock star like Obama is just not believable even in the leftward land of silliness.

In my home state of Pennsylvania, for example, in my own county of Montgomery and others, Biden did better than Obama by factors of 1.24 – 1.43 times.  In my county, Obama won Montgomery County by 59,000 vote in 2012.  Yet, in 2020, Biden won Montgomery County by a massive 131,000 votes, more than double what Obama did in 2012?  Does any sane, rational-thinking person really believe that?

My county of Montgomery gave Biden 313,000 votes which blew away Obama’s 233,000, and I can safely tell you that there was no sea change of ideology in the county over the last 8 years.  It just didn’t happen, especially since the county only added 22,000 people in the same amount of years.

This over performance by the doddering old fool, Joe Biden, who signed onto the Bernie Sanders progressive manifesto that would harm every Montgomery County resident whether they knew about the policies or not, denies belief in a Benevolent Being and brings on a hell of a lot of suspicions of serious voter fraud.

Former US Attorney and now Trump campaign lawyer Sidney Powell has reported that nationwide there are so far over 450,000 ballots where only Joe Biden was marked, meaning, no down ballot choices were made.  This phenomenon happened even in states where there were hot Senate and House races.  You would think in at least those states voters would have taken the down ballot candidates seriously, but they did not.  I believe it’s because the voters don’t exist.  I think political operatives were in a rush to fill out as many ballots for Biden as they could in a short times span and they just quickly circled in Joe Biden and moved on to the next ballot.

Again, this anomaly happened overwhelmingly in only battleground states and not surrounding states for the most part, showing once again that there is strong evidence that voter fraud took place to steal the states Biden needed to win.  It also happened in Georgia, a battleground state that in the very recent past  has been reliably red, but it didn’t happen in a state like Oklahoma, which is a strong red state, but was not a much-needed battleground state.

Mail-in voting was the Democrat weapon of choice for the 2020 election where they expect over 70 million Trump voters to accept the astronomical number of irregularities and oddities in statistics by analysis to believe that everything was normal and people just couldn’t get enough of Joe Biden.

There are too many irregularities and oddball statistics that make CNN and MSNBC anchors and pundits claiming there was no voter fraud sound like the south end of a northbound horse.

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