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Ann Dorn Slams Feds For Disinterest In Riots, After Guilty Verdict Of Her Husband’s Killer

The killer of David Dorn has been brought to justice and his widow is not done protecting her deceased husband’s honor. 

The killer of David Dorn has been brought to justice and his widow is not done protecting her deceased husband’s honor.

A jury finds Stephen Cannon guilty of murdering David Dorn on Wednesday and his wife- Ann Dorn had a lot to say about her husband and the double standards of the Federal government.

“You are thinking about your husband’s Killers family and how your heart goes out to the Killer’s family. Explain that, Hannity said to Ann Dorn the widow of David Dorn.

“He killed my husband. He took my husband away from me, but now he’s removing himself from his family, his family’s losing him, just like I lost my husband, and they didn’t pull the trigger but yet they’re going to lose a loved one as well, you know? So I do have some compassion for them and I do feel for them,” Dorn said.

“You know I know we have these January six hearings going on. I was on the radio live during that time condemning those that riot and I condemned all the riots in the summer of 2020. And yet we were being told those riots were mostly peaceful, but there’s no committee investigating the 574 riots. I know you have a place in your heart for law enforcement. Thousands of officers were injured. Your husband was killed.. Where’s that investigation? Do you feel there’s an injustice and a double standard in politics at play? ” Hannity asked.

“I really do. Yeah, I don’t know. It doesn’t fit in their agenda. So, you know, we’re not going to investigate it. That’s why I’ve teamed with Concerned Communities of America. They’re going to start poking at these WOKE corporations and athletes and celebrities, that are there blindly funding Black Lives Matter and allowing these things to happen,” Dorn said.

“You know, I want to ask you about that. I’ve made a distinction on this program between people chanting black lives matter. After the death of George Floyd but the group Black Lives Matter is, on tape, the group, the ones that the corporations you mentioned donate to that group was on tape saying, what do we want Dead Cops? When do we want them now? Pigs in a blanket. Fry them like bacon. Why are these won’t corporations giving money to an organization with that history? ” Hannity asked.

“I don’t know, but I’m ready to find out, you know, I have some Black clergy  and Community leaders and other groups that want to know the same answers as to why they’re going to blindly funding them. And, and their agenda, when in fact, their black lives, really don’t matter to them. They’re,  lining their pockets and the money on buying mansions,” Dorn said in closing.


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