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Andy Ngô Slams Dishonest News Outlet For Using Photo of White Nationalists On Story About Black Militia Racial Separatists

"Jerusalem Post on the way to Israel" by joshuapiano is licensed under CC BY 2.0

Not only are most (but not all) American journalists super liars about almost everything they report but now foreign news outlets are learning a thing or two about how to report on news going on in the United States, preferably to curtail to the bald-faced lie that white supremacists lurk around every corner.

Luckily, there are a small number of journalists out there among a cesspool of dishonesty and corruption who do a good job getting the truth out.

One such person is independent journalist Andy Ngô who recently confronted a dishonest media outlet on Independence Day for lying about a story that is so blatant a lie it denies belief in a Benevolent Being.

The story that was reported was of a group of white men who were militia members and were responsible for a scene that caused a standoff between them and police officers in a suburb of the city of Boston on Independence Day morning.

The Jerusalem Post, a known left-wing rag, did a bait and switch in the story where they turned a militia group of black members into a white militia group of racists complete with a phony image of said group, just an unbelievable tale spun out of thin air by an outlet that claims to do news.

From the Jerusalem Post:

I asked residents in a suburban Boston neighborhood to “shelter in place” early Saturday as an armed standoff between 8 to 10 militia members and police forced the closure of a US interstate highway.

Here is the photo the Jerusalem Post used to push the lie that the “unnamed militia” were made up of a group of white men wearing confederate flag patches.

The photo they used for the piece was a Reuters photo taken back in 2016 by Joshua Roberts during the morning of the Charlottesville riots.

A WHITE nationalist stands behind militia members after he scuffled with a counter demonstrator in Charlottesville, Virginia, August 12. (photo credit: JOSHUA ROBERTS / REUTERS)

Two from the group were taken into custody and one gun was recovered according to police. This happened before dawn. Police said the arrests came after a standoff that began at 1 am in Wakefield along I95, which is 14 miles from Boston heading north. The incident was kicked off after a State police officer pulled over two vehicles.

Police said there were ten people in the vehicles wearing military clothing with rifles and pistols.

The vehicles pulled over to the side of the road and the leader of the group told police that they were heading to Maine from Rhode Island, according to police accounts during a press conference.

When an officer asked them to show identification and to produce their permits for the weapons they were carrying, the group refused and eventually took off running for the nearby woods, and were still armed, police said.

There were no shots fired and no injuries during the altercation. According to authorities, the group self-identifies as a militia, and they didn’t release the name of the group. We have since found out that the group was called “Rise of the Moors.”

Well, Andy Ngô did what most journalists today don’t do when he investigated the story. That’s when he picked up the complete dishonesty of the Jerusalem Post when they tried to fool their readership into thinking the militia group was a bunch of white nationalist racists with guns.

Ngô tweeted out a question to the Jerusalem Post asking why they substituted a photo of white men wearing confederal paraphernalia when the militia group that had the encounter with police was a group of black members who identify as a racial separatist group, and he provided photos of them.

“Why did you use a photo of white men wearing confederate badges for this report when the militiamen involved in this Massachusetts stand-off incident are black and identify with a racial separatist group?”

The Jerusalem Post had to know that the photo was wrong. They have since removed it, but we’re providing the one they published. The attributions on the photo are from Reuters from the Charlottesville riot.

A WHITE nationalist stands behind militia members after he scuffled with a counter demonstrator in Charlottesville, Virginia, August 12. (photo credit: JOSHUA ROBERTS / REUTERS)

This isn’t the first time leftist news media outlets switched people’s race when reporting on a story where they wanted to trash conservatives.

MSNBC ran a story of a Tea Party Rally claiming a gun-toting white racist man was carrying a rifle. There was no evidence the man was a white racist. In the end, it was revealed that MSNBC edited the video clip to make it appear the guy was white by editing out his arms and head. The guy was a black Tea Party leader who was carrying an AR-15 rifle and a pistol at his hip to show that patriotic Americans know and understand the Constitution.

How racist was MSNBC to take a video of a black man legally carrying a firearm and edit out his skin color so that they could report it was a white racist just to trash the conservative Tea Party movement? Maybe that’s where the Democrats first learned that they could blame everything on supposed white supremacists so that they can attack the voice of their opposition.

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