A New York state lawmaker says a very angry Governor Andrew Cuomo (D) threatened to “destroy” him if he didn’t help obstruct the political firestorm hitting the Cuomo administration’s cover-up of nursing home residents COVID-19 deaths.  Isn’t obstruction a felony under federal law?

On Wednesday, Assemblyman Ron Kim (D-Queens) whose uncle died of COVID-19 in a nursing home said he got a phone call from the governor last Thursday night that quickly went south, with the governor warning him, “You have not seen my wrath.”

The call came shortly after it was reported that a top aide of the governor, Melissa DeRosa, admitted during a conference call with New York state lawmakers that the Cuomo administration hid the true COVID-19 death numbers from nursing homes and said it was because they feared that information would be “used against us” by federal prosecutors.  This was after then-President Donald Trump started questioning the competency of the Cuomo administration on its handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

“At first, there was a silence on the phone,” Kim said.

“Then the governor says, ‘Mr. Kim, are you an honorable man?’”

Kim, who was on that February 10 conference call with DeRosa, Cuomo’s secretary, who called Cuomo out over the cover-up in an article by the New York Post, said he was “in the middle of bathing my kids” when he received the call from the governor.

The assemblyman said that Cuomo asked him to draft a new statement “to say that Melissa DeRosa said there was a federal investigation and they had to deal with that first.”  The governor of New York not only allegedly obstructed a federal investigation but he allegedly asked a state lawmaker to write a letter full of lies to help cover that up as well.

The conversation rapidly turned dark, Kim said, as Cuomo threatened him saying, “You have not seen my wrath. I have been biting my tongue for months.”

“I can tell the whole world what a bad person you are and you will be finished,” Kim recalled Cuomo saying, ending the vicious rant with, “You will be destroyed.”

Kim said Cuomo was so livid that “my wife could hear the governor yelling into the phone.”

Cuomo asked Kim if he was a lawyer at one point, which the assemblyman is not.

“After that call, we were devastated. My wife didn’t sleep at all,” Kim said.

Kim said that Cuomo later “called me four or five times on Saturday” but he didn’t answer the phone.

Kim has been among Cuomo’s strongest critics since his uncle, Son Kim, died in a nursing home back in April after she showed symptoms of COVID-19.  Who can blame him?

It now looks like Democrats, who put up with the governor’s arrogance for way too long during the COVID-19 crisis, are starting to turn on him.  On Tuesday, nine state Assembly Democrats accused the governor of federal obstruction of justice in a letter that asks for Governor Cuomo’s COVID-19 emergency powers to be stripped.  A number of state Senators also asked for the same.

Cuomo’s spokesman, Rich Azzopardi, issued a nearly 800-word, prepared statement in which he accused Kim of “lying about his conversation with Governor Cuomo Thursday night.”  I don’t think anyone believes Azzopardi, especially if you watch any one of Cuomo’s press conferences where he goes all belligerent and arrogant at anyone who questions his actions or authority on the handling of the COVID pandemic in New York.

“ I know because I was one of three other people in the room when the phone call occurred,” Azzopardi said, which probably means the guy who gets Cuomo’s coffee is lying as well.  Why would Kim make something up like that?

“At no time did anyone threaten to ‘destroy’ anyone with their ‘wrath’ nor engage in a ‘coverup.’”

He added: “That’s beyond the pale and is, unfortunately, part of a years-long pattern of lies by Mr. Kim against this administration.”

The country witnessed Governor Cuomo go from thanking President Trump for everything he did for New York during the pandemic, and it was a lot of things the president came through on for Cuomo.  We then saw the governor, on a dime change his tune and start to trash the president saying he did very little for the state.  Andrew Cuomo is a political whore with a very bad temper, and no one thinks Kim made up anything outside of coffee boy and some other sycophants who don’t want to piss off Dear Governor.