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And the Results of the CPAC 2022 Straw Poll Are …

The annual CPAC meeting is over and the straw poll has been taken. For the past two weeks, liberal pundits have been crowing that Trump is slipping and that his loyal voters are slipping away from him. They have also claimed that Republicans are rejecting him and do not want to see him on the ticket. But, guess what? That is just more misinformation from a corrupt and dishonest press.

President Trump won the straw poll easily over Gov Ron DeSantis by a count of 59% to 28%  That is impressive enough on its own, but Desantis is extremely popular and he delivered a powerful speech at CPAC. In fact, if you take Trump out of the poll, DeSantis gets 61% of the support with second place coming in at only 6%. I want to see a Trump/DeSantis ticket because I believe we would hold the presidency for at least the next 12 years.

Journalist Anita Thorne attended CPAC and she says she talked to a lot of people and they would be happy with either candidate heading the Republican ticket. [But, I believe Trump would win in a walk because he has more national recognition, and while DeSantis is extremely popular in Florida, it is unlikely he would win many other states unless President Trump decides not to run.

From PJ Media

Here are the results of the polling at CPAC:

Everyone in attendance at the conference — attendees, press, and participants — was invited to vote in the straw poll. At just after 1 p.m., the results were announced from the main event stage.

Of the over 2,500 voters who participated, 97% approve of President Trump.

99% disapprove of President Biden, with 98% strongly disapproving.

Election integrity and border security topped the list as the most important issues facing America.

A solid majority (61%) saw Biden’s incompetence as the greatest threat to America’s safety and national security.

And finally, when asked for whom they would vote in a presidential primary if it were held today, Donald Trump was the clear winner with 59%, and Ron DeSantis came in second at 28%. When Trump was removed from the ballot, DeSantis ran away with it with 61% of the vote. The rest of the candidates didn’t come close, with the next highest candidates garnering a mere 6% of the vote.

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