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Analysis: Hispanic Shift To GOP Is Building as Quickly as It Can

Every day there seems to be a reminder about how much trouble the Democrats are in for in the upcoming midterm election. Today’s news comes from Texas and the border communities that suffer the most under Joe Biden.

The Dem9crats have been saying for a while that the immigration of Hispanic voters to the Republican Party would soon be at an end. As Gomer Pyle would say, “Surprise. Surprise. Surprise.”

Fox News reported:

Early voting analysis in two primarily Hispanic counties along the Texas border suggests Republicans are outpacing Democrats in voter enthusiasm and perhaps turnout, and Hispanic politicians in the state tell Fox News that its indicative of a larger trend.

A report from the political consulting company Ryan Data & Research shows that Republicans are 76% of the way to matching 2018 turnout in Cameron County, Texas along the southern border with Mexico with eight days remaining until Election Day. In Hidalgo County, which also sits on the border with Mexico, turnout is 65% of the way to matching 2018.

On the Democrat side, the party is only 59% of the way to matching 2018 turnout in Cameron County and 47% of the way in Hidalgo County.

Hispanic political candidates and operatives in Texas told Fox News that the early data points to a larger trend of Hispanic voters, especially in the Rio Grande Valley, supporting Republican candidates in areas that have been predominantly controlled by Democrats for decades.

For years, Democrats have tried to convince Republicans that halting illegal immigration would cost the elections because the Hispanic vote would crush them. But, now it appears the opposite is true. Although Hispanics may be friendly to immigration, that is only true about legal immigration, especially from Hispanics who migrated here legally and Hispanics who were born here. Democrats favor illegal immigrants over those who are here legally.

Plus, many Hispanics are Catholics and so they do not support wholesale abortion. They prefer the Republican’s hand-up policy over the Democrats handouts policy. They are not afraid of hard work and have little patience for those who do not share that belief. Being an American is not an accident of birth, it is the deliberate love for what this country used to stand for and could stand for again.

The Texas border communities have been in the Democrat’s pockets for years, but the tide is turning and it’s turning fast. These border communities will be a huge help in Republicans retaking of the House.

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