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An Update On That ‘Stormy Weather’ Southwest Airlines Has Been Experiencing…

Let’s hope this starts a trend.

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

On Sunday, I wrote a story about Southwest Airlines canceling then 650 flights that grew to over 2,000 from Friday to Sunday last week and more on Monday after employees called out sick or didn’t sign up for overtime hours over the holiday weekend, according to a Southwest Airlines pilot.

The airline initially blamed bad weather but had to change their tune quickly when it was mentioned that no other airline carriers that travel the same routes met with any inclement weather to cancel their flights.

“ATC issues and disruptive weather have resulted in a high volume of cancellations throughout the weekend while we work to recover our operation. We appreciate your patience as we accommodate affected Customers, and Customer Service wait times are longer than usual. (1/2)”

Then some fuzzy messaging came out about weather and problems with air traffic controllers.

Southwest’s canceled flights problem was created by Southwest after the airline announced on October 4 that all of its 56,000 US employees were mandated to be vaccinated against COVID or they would be fired.

Southwest employees learned quickly that this is what tyranny looks like.

The workers at Southwest just learned that they are the ones who have the power. Shutting down flights across the country could cripple the nation and most Americans will blame the mandate and not the pilots. Their argument goes beyond the vaccine mandate and is a fight to stop the tyranny that has been hitting the country since the first lockdowns and mask mandates came down. Not everyone thinks like the kooky leftists. Most Americans, pro vaccination or not, understand that freedom is more important. They realize the more you give in to your freedoms being taken away from you, the more of your freedoms the government tyrants will take away.

The company’s stock plummeted on Monday after the enormous number of flight cancellations.

A pilot who spoke to American Greatness and asked to remain anonymous says that the company’s 10,000 pilots “are the most conservative collection of white collar employees in the country.”

The pilot said that the vaccine mandate killed all the goodwill the pilots and other employees had for the company. It has always been known that Southwest Airlines employees loved the company they worked for, but they went over the line.

Did leftists think this wasn’t going to happen? Did they think that when the rubber met the road, Americans would accept being forced to take the vaccine against their will? Of course they did, because leftists don’t understand that freedom is a real thing for most people. Freedom is built into our DNA. The country has put up with so many mandates and losses of our freedoms for the better part of the last two years and they have had enough. Vaccine mandates are the hill they are willing to die on.

Last week, Southwest CEO Gary Kelly told company employees that the airline did not have a choice, that they had to comply with the Biden vaccine mandate.

“Southwest Airlines is a federal contractor and we have no viable choice but to comply with the U.S. government mandate for employees to be vaccinated, and, like other airlines, we’re taking steps to comply,” Kelly said.

Really? Can anyone show me the mandate? Can someone just produce of copy of it? You can’t? Maybe that’s because there is no official mandate. Not yet, anyway. The mandate President Houseplant spoke about on national television a few weeks ago has not yet been written up. Therefore, it does not yet officially exist. Biden signed an executive order that was not based on any power given to him by the Constitution or the Congress.

So then why are all these corporations goose stepping in line with the regime?

Well, the CEO’s speech didn’t go over so well with the pilots.

Listen to this pilot who took to social media to give the pilots’ side of the issue.

Notice how he pointed out that they were not given a choice but an ultimatum. That’s a huge difference. These are intelligent people. They are being given the ultimatum of taking a medicine they do not want to take or stop earning a living. Their union isn’t doing squat to protect them, so they did the only thing they could to fight back against what many believe amounts to the government committing a crime against humanity. They called out sick.

The anonymous pilot said Kelly’s speech didn’t win them over.

“This is a collection of very conservative white-collar professionals that are very successful, and have done well,” he said. “You mandate a vaccine on them, and these aren’t necessarily people that are going to comply,” he said, adding “to some extent they’re going to resist.”

Wait until the train industry and shipping industry get onboard. The country will shut down. And wait until other industries that are not federal contractors walk off the job over vaccine mandates.

What’s going on now with Southwest employees is a perfect example of the beach ball theory of freedom ringing true. When you try to push a beach ball under the water, there’s an equal amount of pressure that you feel pushing the ball back to the surface. A tyrannical government pushes the beach ball under water and the freedom-loving citizens push back and, like the beach ball, they will win every time because the one trying to push the ball under water will always tire before the beach ball. Southwest is pushing the employees down and they are fighting back. Let’s hope this becomes a national trend because only we the people can end the tyranny of the Biden administration.

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