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An Open Letter to the ANTIFA Protestors in Washington D.C.

You probably think what you did was heroic and noble. According to your logic, you are an organization that fights fascism that you think started with President Trump and that manifests itself in his supporters. You supposed opposition of fascism is so strong it served the basis for your organization’s name (anti-fascist, ANTIFA). With this pattern of thinking, you would be justified in attacking Trump supporters, since fascism is a dangerous ideology that should be snuffed out (which most Americans agree with).

But what you did on Saturday was utterly shameful, and you have become the very thing you have sought to destroy.

The first amendment of the Constitution allows for American citizens to protest the government and to use their voices to express ideas without being suppressed by the government. The Trump supporters who gathered in Washington D.C. did just that, and they did so without burning buildings down, attacking those who disagree with them or harassing authorities.

They were showing support for a president who, over the past four years, had promoted America-first policies and fought to keep our constitutional freedoms intact.

However, you do not care about truth or reality, you have given yourselves over to illogical thinking that has distorted your view of right and wrong. This depraved thinking motivates you to act in harmful and terrible ways

When you arrived on the scene of the demonstrations on Saturday, you saw an opportunity to harass people who oppose your doctrines.

Anyone with a shred of human decency would not even think to physically assault a fellow man. But you seem to enjoy attacking families, intimidating the elderly and beating those who disagree with you. You do not care about supporting freedom; if you did, you would not operate the way you do to fight fascism.

You are the manifestation of fascism and tyranny you claim to oppose. You have no code of honor, you are a rogue organization with one goal in mind: to suppress the American way of life and those who support it through brutal tactics of intimidation. The media depicts you as heroes of some sort, but Americans know the truth.

All Americans are craving peace and unity, and your actions are further separating Americans and dividing them against each other. We want to treat you fairly and for you to change your ways, but we will not be pushovers if you attack us. We will defend our lives and our rights from domestic terrorists like you, and we will not sit idly by while you destroy our country.

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