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An Entire Stadium With Record-Breaking Attendance Sings Star Spangled Banner After Singer’s Mic Cut Out [VIDEO]

If you ever wanted to know what a crowd of nearly 75,000 fans singing the national anthem sounds like, then you’re in for a treat.

On Saturday, a filled stadium of soccer fans broke out in a patriotic rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner as the Charlotte Football Club kicked off its home opener against the LA Galaxy.

Prior to the game getting underway, close to 75,000 fans spontaneously joined in to sing the American national anthem when the posted singer’s mic went out at the Bank of America Stadium.

That’s when the fans went all American and sang with passion and delight until the end, when they gave a loud and boisterous cheer because they all felt a kinship to everyone else in that stadium.

Watching the video, you realize that every section of the crowd sang together uniformly, like it was a practiced event and not just a spontaneous happening.

The best recording I found so far was from Ashley Stroehlein, a sports reporter and anchor at NBC.


That video has had 1.5 million views as of this writing.

Twitter’s Major League Soccer account posted a video of the incident with one word: “goosebumps*”


Michelle Brooks-Thompson has performed the national anthem hundreds of times at many sporting events, including NBA games, Major League Baseball, and Duke’s Mayo Bowl game in December 2021 in Charlotte, just to name a few. She’s a veteran for the job.

But her microphone never cut off like that for the bulk of the song the way it did Saturday night because of technical difficulties at the Bank of America Stadium. Brooks-Thompson also never had her performance spared by over 74,000 adoring fans, which was a real treat despite not being able to hear the real deal perform.

During an interview on Sunday, Brooks-Thompson said, “It definitely wasn’t what we wanted at first. But you know what? It became a magical moment.”

The performer said she spoke with fans at the stadium who had tears in their eyes after the national anthem because they were so moved by the entire stadium of people singing together.

“Well, it’s not the kind of viral that we probably want,” Brooks-Thompson said, having a laugh. “But it will go down as very historic.”

Though Charlotte lost 1-0 to LA Galaxy, Charlotte fans gave their team a stupendous home opener to remember for this season.

Earlier this week, Charlotte Football Club announced that it had sold enough tickets for Saturday’s game to break the MLS attendance record. Prior to Saturday’s season opener, the crowd record for MLS match was 72,584.

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