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American Airlines Cancels More Than 1,000 Flights in 24 Hours – Blames Staffing Shortages and ‘High Winds’

DALLAS, TX - SEPTEMBER 21, 2017: An American Airlines Boeing 737 passenger jet taxis at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, located roughly halfway between Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas. (Photo by Robert Alexander/Getty Images)

American Airlines has had to cancel over 1,000 flights in a 24 hour period, which they blamed on understaffing and high winds. American Airlines is planning to fire or lay off thousands of workers if they are not vaccinated by Nov. 24th.

I would imagine those with their heads on the chopping block really don’t care if American loses a huge chunk of money before they are fired and they might as well use up their sick days and vacation before the ax falls.

American stands to lose 4,200 pilots as of now once the deadline arrives. That could cripple the airlines during their busiest time of the year.

Not only could it cripple them for Christmas, but it could hurt Thanksgiving travel as well since the pilots would be fired before travelers would be heading home. Many people won’t take the chance of being stranded. I know I wouldn’t.

CNBC reported:

American Airlines has canceled more than 1,000 flights since Friday, disruptions it blamed on staffing problems and high winds at its busiest hub.

On Saturday, American canceled nearly 460 flights, or 17% of its mainline schedule, according to flight-tracking site FlightAware. Dallas-based Southwest Airlines cut 86 flights, or 2% of its Saturday operation.

American canceled another 285 flights, or 10% of its schedule planned for Sunday, on top of 340 cancellations on Friday.

American’s COO David Seymour said in a staff note on Saturday that the problems started with high wind gusts on Thursday that cut capacity at its Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport hub and that crew members ended up out of position for their next flights.

Pilot and flight attendant availability were listed as reasons for most of the cancellations on Saturday and Sunday, according to internal tallies, which were seen by CNBC.

Earlier this month, Southwestern Airlines had to cancel thousands of flights, costing them 75 million dollars. It would be my guess that American could be hurt badly if it happens to them.

Southwest had to reverse course and not fire their unvaccinated employees. However, they could just be delaying until after the holidays. They could be flying with a lot more passengers should American follow through on firing their employees.

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