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America Faces Panic Over Baby Formula Shortage: Watch For Possible New Leftist Movement To Emerge

America is running out of Baby Formula and the consequences could be a boon for leftist social justice movements ahead of very important elections.

One of the earliest most explosive, and highly successful community organizing tactics of the 1970’s- which turned into a flashpoint in South Africa during the Nelson Mandela years-  and in other African countries at the time- was over a shortage of good Baby Formula.

In 1974, a report by a Non-Government Organization (NGO) – entitled The Baby Killer- accused Nestlé of causing illness and infant deaths in poor communities in third world countries by promoting their infant formula products at the expense of breastfeeding. The report sparked an outrage that led to an international boycott in 1977, which continues today,” according to a WIKI page on the Baby Formula scandals.

Where people are panicking- look for Community Organizers to step in and direct people to the left to vote for Democrats to “solve the problems” they created for political theater.

Some people may remember the scandals in South Africa from the 2000’s.

Business Insider reported in 2012 about the curious situation:

“Social rights groups began dragging the industry’s practices into the spotlight in the early 1970s. The New Internationalist published an exposé on Nestlé’s marketing practices in 1973, “Babies Mean Business,” which described to soft minds- how the company got Third World mothers ‘hooked’ on baby formula.

But it was “The Baby Killer,” a booklet published by London’s War On Want organization in 1974, that really blew the lid off the baby formula industry. ”


Because parents are already panicking.

Special formulas for children with Allergies were already being recalled. And one child died. We are like a real third world now.

According to Fox News, we are facing shortages of baby formulas in general because of Biden’s supply chain issues and purposefully inflation meant to ignite frustration among the people.

Here is there reporting:

Nearly 30% of popular baby formula brands may be sold out at retailers across the U.S. following a notable recall, as well as supply chain issues, according to estimates from a research firm.

An analysis by Datasembly, a Virginia-based research firm, assessed the supplies of consumer packaged goods at more than 11,000 stores nationwide. The research firm found that the issue of out-of-stock formula has been getting worse throughout 2022.

The first seven months of 2021 were found to be “relatively stable” when it came to baby formula and fluctuated between 2% and 8% of products being out of stock, according to Datasembly, which shares product pricing and data for retailers.

“In July 2021, the (out-of-stock percentage) moved into the double digits and then started to increase significantly towards the end of November where it went from 11% nationwide to 23% by the week starting Jan 16, 2022,” the firm said.

By the end of January 2022, the out-of-stock baby formula index continue to climb and had reached 29% by March 13, it added.

Some states appeared to have worse baby formula shortages, according to the firm. By Jan. 16, 11 U.S. states had out-of-stock percentages higher than 30% — and the figure had jumped to 24 states by the week of March 13.

Some 54% percent of popular baby formula brands were found to be out of stock in Minnesota that week. Connecticut, Hawaii, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, North Dakota, South Dakota, Rhode Island and Texas were all 40% or higher, Datasembly said.

While every baby is different, most infant-fed newborns will feed eight to 12 times in 24 hours, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Babies consume various amounts of formula through about 12 months old, which is when doctors recommend gradually switching to plain whole cow’s milk or fortified unsweetened soy beverage.

The shortages come after multiple popular powdered infant formulas linked to bacterial contamination were recalled in the U.S. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a warning in February about the formulas manufactured at an Abbott plant in Michigan, identified as certain lots of Similac, Alimentum and EleCare.

The agency said among the reports of illnesses involved salmonella and Cronobacter sakazakiim — a rare but dangerous germ that can cause blood infections and other serious complications.

Following this recall and other ongoing issues, Datasembly CEO Ben Reich said infant formula was among one of the most impacted products the firm assessed.

“Inflation, supply chain shortages, and product recalls have brought an unprecedented amount of volatility to the category, and we expect to continue to see baby formula as one of the most affected categories in the market,” Reich told USA Today.

As a former community organizer, what I see is some very similar patterns emerging.

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