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America, Don’t Forsake Your Family This Thanksgiving

The Left’s illogical handling of the COVID-19 pandemic has reached new levels of stupidity in anticipation of Thanksgiving, as California, Pennsylvania and Maryland have all created extensive guidelines for families to follow when celebrating the holiday.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti asked for everyone coming in and out of his city to cancel non-essential travel, stating that “these are the most dangerous moments since the first days of this pandemic. It’s not too late to turn things around, but time is running out.”

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is encouraging citizens from having large gatherings and that businesses that sell alcohol must not allow customers to consume the alcohol in their buildings. He also said that he will ask law force personnel to enforce these guidelines, with punishments given to violators.

“I know it’s painful to miss seeing our loved ones but we can keep them safe by keeping our distance this year,” Wolf said. “We aren’t out of the woods yet. Right now, as of today, we are in a very dangerous situation.”

Maryland Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan announced that the Maryland State Police will be dispatching “High Visibility Compliance Units.” These will be patrol groups who will sweep the streets of local towns to ensure that there are no large groups gathering at local businesses.

All of these protocols and regulations are enforced in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19. But once again, these rules create more problems than what they solve.

Americans are suffering from depression and anxiety at alarming rates as a direct result of the isolation and loneliness that quarantining and government lockdowns have caused. The Thanksgiving holiday is a time for families to come together, reconnect and celebrate the many things they are thankful for. In a time such as 2020, Americans need social interaction and to intentionally set aside time to recharge in the presence of their families.

But as they typically do, the Left has seen something that is good in this country and is doing their best to destroy.

They are attempting to keep families part form each other, and have given lectures to Americans about how this is all in the name of “safety.” The endless slogans of “unity” and fighting the virus for the good of your fellow man have become like a helping of turkey with no gravy: disgusting.

Quality time with loved ones is good, healthy and necessary. America, do not forsake your family this Thanksgiving. Seek them out, travel to them and enjoy each other’s presence without fear of the government.

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