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Alyssa Milano, Who Wrote about Voter Fraud in 2018, Wants You to Move On Now

A thread of posts by far left radical avitizt and Community Organizer, former sit com star Alyssa Milano, discussing her concerns over voter fraud when she she thought it impacted her favorite Democrats, has surfaced, showing the hypocrisy with which she conducts her radical activism against American citizens.

On Twitter Milano, a rabid anti-Trumper who routinely attacks American citizens for defending the US Constitution, and who uses her celebrity and platform to push anti-American propaganda, they linked her readers to video clips and stories about why should be worried about forgein interference in voting upon US elections.

Alyssa Milano
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“IMPORTANT QUESTION: Is the possibility of Russia tampering with the midterm elections freaking you out?” Milano posted.

These are the rest of the tweets in that stream,written by Milano:

It should be freaking you out.

It’s a real possibility.

Read on.

I feel the need to point out (again) that our voting system is vulnerable to attack.  Citizens of 13 states will be voting in the midterms on insecure, obsolete, hackable, paperless voting machines that cannot be recounted

Here’s an excellent 5 minute video called, “I Hacked an Election.  So Can the Russians.” It shows how you can REMOTELY rig a paperless Diebold voting machine.  These are the same machines that will be used by all Georgian voters in the 2018 midterms

What makes this frustrating is that we know how to make our voting system resilient against all attacks. We need a) paper ballots everywhere, b) secure chain of custody of those ballots c) Risk Limiting Audits (RLAs)There is a bipartisan bill called the Secure Elections Act that has been introduced in the Senate that would address the insecurity of our elections. 

Senators introduce election security amendment to defense billSens. James Lankford (R-Okla.) and Amy Klobuchar (D-Minn.) have introduced a new version of the Secure Elections Act as an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act. TO ME…there is nothing that can stop Russia from hacking our elections again. Russia is an existential threat that we ignore at our peril.

For more information please check out @VerifiedVoting –


However now Milano is advocating for Democrat Joe Biden, so she is not worried any more about the machine and voter fraud. Now her job is to attack Americans for being concerned about the voter machines and voter fraud.

Here is a small sampling of her current posts on the topic, note she currently advocates for “moving on” and not investigating:

Should we feel fortunate to have a former sit com queen explaining to us how to think about our elections?

What do you think? Write to me @Soarsa1776 and tell me what you think of the TV personality telling us how to think.

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