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Alyssa Milano Gets Slammed For Saying Fathers Telling Their Sons to ‘Take Care of Your Mother’ is Sexist and Insulting To Women

Alyssa Milano, a fixture of the elitist Twitter Loony Left, who is used to tweeting crazy messages that show she has lost touch with real America and then getting hammered for them, has done it again. Last week, the “Charmed” actress managed to piss off a bunch of Twitter users by tweeting out that fathers telling their sons to “take care of your mother while I’m gone” is sexist and male chauvinistic.

“Can we stop saying to our sons things like: ‘take care of your mother while I’m gone.’ This is insinuating that women can’t take care of ourselves. And it’s bullshit.”

Twitter rebukes for the clueless actress sitting in her ivory tower wanting to become relevant again were nearly immediate. Most people with a triple-digit IQ thought it is a positive thing when fathers tell their sons to care for their mother and not let anything happen to one of the very few people in their life who would do the same for them. Many users also believed the woke lunatic Milano was only looking for attention.

Milano knows what she tweeted is petty because she shut down replies to only people she follows or mentions in the tweet.

A man’s instinct is to protect women. When you break it all down, marriage does three main things: it civilizes men, protects women, and helps in the raising of children. All the woke feminist garbage that came along over the years does not change those three basic things.

When a father tells his son to take care of his mother, he’s not just saying to physically protect her. For goodness’ sake, how could a young boy physically protect a grown adult woman? He’s also teaching the boy that his mother is someone he must respect and love. Some day that boy will grow up to be a man and what better time to teach him to love and respect women than when he’s young?

These days the woke are more interested in teaching the young boy that maybe he feels more like a young girl?

For the longest time, we’ve been told by the feminists that men treat women poorly. Some have said they believe all sex, even in a good marriage, is rape. Milano sounds like one of those lunatics who will never be a happy person and wants everyone to know it. Was her tweet part of her victimhood status?

While there are some beer-guzzling bowler types who mistreat women, the majority of men instinctively feel the need to protect the women in their lives if not all women when the circumstance warrants it. And that’s whether they want protection or not.

Only a woman with petulant anger in her heart would believe a man telling a son to take care of his mother is a bad thing. And Twitter let her know that.

Reuters reporter Rollo Ross said whenever he heard the phrase growing up, he took it as a way of recognizing just how much his mother did for him.

“I understand this take if it’s from a man, but everybody who said this to me growing up was female and in that respect, I don’t feel it was a bad thing. It showed me just how much my mother was doing for me and that I could and should help her out rather than being complacent.”

Author and columnist Leslie Streeter disagreed in that she feels the phrase coming from her late husband would be that he wants her son to love and comfort her. That’s exactly what it’s about.

“As a widow who lost my husband when my son was not yet 2, I don’t feel the same way you do about it. It’s not “Protect her from a bear on a episode of ‘Little House.” I feel my husband would just want my son to love me and comfort me.”

“In the bigoted and misogynist mind of @Alyssa_Milano, it’s inconceivable that a father might also say this to his *daughter*! Also, apparently lesbian couples don’t exist for Alyssa either. #ConfessionThroughProjection”

“Alyssa Milano is offensively stupid.”

“Yeah, because instilling family values like looking out for each other is…..sexist?? Or something…( insert derogatory label here). #DumDumDumDumDUMB Hollyweird is completely off its rocker!”

“Alyssa trying to justify her later years when her boys forget who she is. She can claim ‘I taught ’em that’. ”

Here’s a woman who gets it. “Nope we should and will keep saying this. We are raising men to care for women. This ???? is why we have so many young a**holes that treat women like trash. #makemengentlemenagain”

And the best reply I found so far

Only folks @Alyssa_Milano mentions can reply. I guess she can’t take care of herself.”


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