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Alleged ISIS Terror Threat Prompts Beefed up Security in Northern Virginia

If I were a cynic, I would say that the warning about a possible ISIS attack is just a political ploy to pull McAuliffe’s chestnuts from the fire. Okay, so I’m a cynic. The timing is just too perfect. But if the voters in Virginia are smart, they would realize that when it comes to dealing with terrorists, having a Republican leading the way is better than having a Democrat in that role.

Law enforcement agencies are on alert for a potential ISIS terror attack on shopping malls or shopping centers in the Washington and Northern Virginia area just seems too pat to me. And when did ISIS have the time to put themselves in a position to mount an attack at this time?

Joe Biden’s open borders, perhaps? I’m not quite sure I can buy into that, but that does not mean it’s not real.

Excerpt via WTOP (excerpt):

A law enforcement source told CBS News the recent threat against a mall in Northern Virginia this Halloween weekend originated from ISIS. It is the basis for a law enforcement-sensitive alert that was issued.

Out of an abundance of caution, Fairfax County’s police chief said his department is ready to respond if the threat materializes.

Chief Kevin Davis said he learned of the threat through regional intelligence partners in the last 24 hours. While he wouldn’t describe it in detail, Davis said his department is responding in-kind.

“We have ramped up our presence at places where people shop, at places where people recreate, gather, dine. It’s our responsibility to do that we routinely do this,” Davis said at a news conference Friday.

Fairfax County officers expect to be on high alert around holidays, he said, but there is more reason to be cautious going into next week.

“We have an election coming up next Tuesday where we’ll have increased patrols throughout the next several days out of an abundance of caution, because that’s what we do as a public safety agency,” Davis said.

If this is not just a political ploy, the threat could be traced back to the fact that we have such a weak president, terrorists have no fear of reprisals as we saw after 9/11. But, you do have to wonder why they would attack now rather than wait till Black Friday when all of the malls are packed. The idea behind terrorism, especially when speaking of suicide attacks, the goal is always to maximize casualties.

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