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“All They Had For All The Hoaxes Was The Fake Dossier”, Jim Jordan and Devin Nunes Lay Smack Down ‘The Swamp’

US Rep. Jim Jordan from Ohio and former US Rep. Devin Nunes busted the swamp- wide open- during a recent video.

“The Democrats were tied together with Russians, and here is proof. They always accuse us of doing what they are really doing,” Jordan said.

Jordan and Nunes both agreed that many people from the intelligence agencies to politicians knew that the infamous Steele Dossier, was fake- and so was everything that happens as a result of the Dossier.

Starting at 6:00
Jim Jordan said:

Igor Danchenko was the one who started the original lie that was part of the whole false narrative. It is important to remember that the Clinton campaign hired the law firm Perkins Coie, who hired Fusion GPS, who hired Christopher Steele, who went to Danchincko.

Danchenko was getting information from the Clinton campaign, in essence, who was the Dolan guy and following that all the way. And it was all made-up of garbage.

That garbage becomes the foundation for an investigation into one of the nominees for President and into that campaign. That person was President Trump.

Here is the key thing- and it is what I think. I think James Comey knew it was garbage. Of course, we don’t know. We are going to find out what Durham comes up with. You and I had our suspicions about that when we deposed him and on May 9th, 2017 when he was fired.

He told us then that he had been investigating for 10 months, that is what he told us in the deposition and he didn’t know if he had anything. So he didn’t have anything after 1o months and yet he kept it up. And he (Comey) is the reason we have a Special Counsel, called the Mueller investigation.

Devin Nunes said:

The investigation started in July, we don’t believe that, but that is what the official paperwork says. That is when they got the FISA warrant on Carter Page. And they take forever to actually interview the source, but finally when they do they know none of it is true, but they had already used it. They used the Dossier to get the warrants, and they know at that point that it wasn’t true.

Remember that Mueller is on it then, and they still get another FISA. And they have to know. If you are Mueller and you are charged with getting to the bottom of Trump and Russia, where is all of the evidence. All they had was the Dossier.

So Mueller already knew who the source was, so it seems like he would have brought that source in for weeks at a time. He is the one who had all of the contacts with the Russians, so how does Mueller not know that Dolan was the source- this Clinton operative, who has ties to Russia himself?

Did the Russians know about all of this? They must have seen that we were doing more damage to ourselves than they could do.

Comey didn’t make sense. But they would only give us information that was blacked out, which we now know was from the Dossier.

Jordan said:

The FBI wanted to believe this garbage. It was National Enquirer-type stuff, but they wanted to believe it.


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