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Attacking Trump

Alice Johnson’s Pardon Shows the Difference Between Trump’s Action and Biden’s Talk

Alice Johnson, who received a life sentence for a first-time drug offense, clutches her pardon after it was signed by U.S. President Donald Trump in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, U.S., August 28, 2020. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Alice Johnson was given a life sentence under former Barck Obama and Joe Biden administration, and President Donald J. Trump made her sentence a national discussion by elevating her, giving her a massive platform, letting her tell her story and giving her a full pardon.

“I always remembered that God knew my name, even in my darkest hour. But I never thought that a president would,” Johnson said on Thursday.

Johnson has been very vocal about her support of Trump and credits him with understanding much needed criminal justice reform for nonviolent offenses, since her release.

“I assure you that I am alive and well and I am free because of President Donald J. Trump.  I got life plus 25 years, first time non-violent offended.  I did the time, and regret what I did, but we all make mistakes, none of us want to be defined as our worst decision. My transformation was described as extraordinary and there are thousands of people like me. When President Trump heard about me and the injust of my story he saw me as a person, and he acted,” Johnson said.

Johnson was Sharpley mocked and criticized by the Democrats as being a puppet for reminding people of Trump’s First Act Bill.  

“I was born Black, and I am going to die Black and I have made my own choices.I am using my mind.  I make my own decessions,” Johnson said Friday when called a Puppet by the Democrat Media allies.


Friday, in the Oval Office, Trump pardoned Johnson, a faithful Christian, and the two prayed together.

Johnson was released from prison in 2018  and was given a full pardon on Friday after speaking at the Republican National Convention in front of Millions of people.  She was sentenced in 1996 during the Obama administration.

Johnson’s life sentence was a result of 1986 Drug Possession Laws. that both Biden and his Vice President running mate Kamala Harris supported and worked hard to implement on nonviolent offenders

In fact Harris, herself, called Biden the Architect of the modern-day criminal justice system. And Bidden has accused Harris of making sure that once in prison, offenders could not get out.


It is noteworthy that Harris has a long history of inauthentic behavior in her long career enforcing the bad laws that Biden had authored, Biden and Harris have attacked each other over the matter, and now they want Americans to believe they will work together to bring much-needed reforms that will impact many people like Johnson.

In the following video, reason highlights Harris and says, “Harris has her own troubling record on criminal justice. It is worth setting the recond strange about Harris record before Criminal Justice was on the Democrat Platform. Harris is the defender of dirty prosecutors. She has trampled on the law to promote her political career,” Reason said.

“When Harris was California’s Top Cop she protected dirty cops and a reckless system, hiding tainted evidence, leading to the dismissal of hundreds of criminal cases,” Reason said.

“She is refashioning her past, and her judgment is off. She supported Lock the Up policies and was aggressive,” Reason said of Harris.


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