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Alarming Poll on Black Favor For Trump Shocks Democrats

The 2020 Presidental election between Donald J. Trump and Joe Biden may not be as much of a done deal as the Democrats had been signaling over the last year or more, with the emergence of new data from a trusted Democrat polling source that Biden is not performing as well with Black American voters as had been previously stated by the Democrat party and their pundits.

“Lots of positive movement here for Trump, which we’re also seeing in our polling – and Biden is seeing it too. We’ve picked up six points in the last month,” wrote Jason Miller, 2020 Senior Advisor for the Trump Presidential Campaign, about the new polls from Zogby.

“Of note: “77% of Blacks are ready to vote for Biden, compared to 14% who say they would vote for Trump.” This explains why Biden is running two general election ads targeting African American voters. Joe is weak here,” Miller wrote.

“Looks like Biden is losing ground in several key groups:  Trump picked up points among voters over the age of 65 and shrunk the gap among both men and women…”, Miller posted.

Breitbart reported, “The poll, conducted by John Zogby Strategies and EMI Research Solutions, surveying 1,000 voters nationally, found only 77 percent of black voters are committed to voting for Biden in the general election. Meanwhile, according to the results, 14 percent of black voters plan to support President Donald Trump, with another nine percent still not having made up their mind.”

Together with the positive messaging for Black American voters and successful results on the issues most important to Black American voters, Biden’s campaign has been a disaster on messaging and results with Black American voters, which could result in a historic victory for Republicans in November.

Biden has made a number of strategic blunders with the Black Community, pushing many people away from supporting him,  including flippant remarks about Trump supporters not being Black enough if they don’t vote for him, in a video with a VLogger that went viral.

Biden is relying on the messaging that the United States is not capable of growing the economy, as Trump has insisted is possible for the entirety of his Presidency.

Many Republicans, including Trump, believe that Biden is in fact more favorable to an economy that benefits the Chinese Community Praty, rather than the United States.

The Wall Street Journal reported Monday, “Joe Biden is laying out a multipronged plan to address longstanding racial inequality, proposing hundreds of billions of dollars in new federal spending on housing, education, health care and business capital for Black Americans.”

Biden’s Presidential platform includes a return to promising Government dependency for the Black Community, while Trump is talking about School choice, Tax cuts, Small business, and soaring manufacturing employment opportunities.



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