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ALARM: Two Media Outlets Say Trump is “Dead Man Walking”

To say that the Presidency of Donald J. Trump has not been well received by the established order in politics and media would be an understatement, and now it is taking on new and violet tones after the 2020 Presidential election where the established media does not appear to be able to be civil toward the supporters of Trump, doing things like making reference to Trump’s “death”.

A few in the media spotlight are currently using metaphores, such as “Dead man walking”, which is offensive.

Raw Story reported, “In a brutally blunt column for the conservative Bulwark, former Sen. Ted Cruz adviser Amanda Carpenter claimed that Donald Trump is a “dead man walking” politically-speaking and that he doesn’t seem to have figured it out yet which makes him, even more so, a “pathetic loser.”

Carpenter, who has been a harsh critic of the president over his conduct before and while in office as well as his destruction of the Republican Party, wrote that the president’s address to the nation on Thursday night will leave a lasting impression on the public — and not a good one.”

Carpenter went on an emotional rampage with her keyboard, showing her hatred of the supporters behind Trump and wrote:

“It was all loser talk from a cult leader who would rather force the ending of democracy than face the end that is coming,” she wrote. “We should all remember Trump as he presented himself in this monumental moment. As a babbling, incoherent, conspiracist. Our greatest presidential embarrassment.”

WOW- and she wasn’t alone, CNN hates Trump as well.

CNN host Chris Cuomo called President Donald Trump a “dissident” and a “dead man walking” for refusing to concede the election to President-elect Joe Biden.

Fox News and the Associated Press called the race for Biden on Saturday. Trump’s legal team has filed lawsuits in several states alleging voting irregularities but so far not including direct evidence of election fraud.

“That from a president and now we’re hearing from Trump who is no president, he’s a dissident at best, and a revenant in the main, a revenant, a dead man haunting the halls of a country in crisis,” Cuomo said.

“So we get what’s going on,” he continued. “The question is what do we do about it? The first thing is, you gotta keep that energy up, too. You’ve gotta be outraged by this. Because if this dead man walking and his zombie pals in Congress are looking to make this transition into a complete horror show, the only thing that’s going to stop him is the outrage of what they know just bit them in the behinds at the polls.”

There is a lot going on background in DC, which could be triggering the established order from being peaceful about the transfer of power, which they have fought since 2016.

I am following this story, and will update as details about what is triggering these people, becomes more clear…

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