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After Turning Over Hard Drive Giuliani Is Accusing Joe Biden of Two Explicit Crimes

Former New York City Mayor and personal attorney to Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, has said that data sitting on a hard drive that allegedly belongs to Hunter Biden provides evidence of possibly two crimes that were committed by the former vice president Joe Biden.

Christian Datoc of the Daily Caller interviewed the former NYC mayor who made the claim Friday afternoon.

Though repeatedly pressed to hand over the hard drive to outside investigators so that they could verify the data contained on it, Giuliani had refused up until Wednesday night.  We’re talking high stakes here, and I wouldn’t trust anyone to do it either.

Datoc was careful to point out that even though specific communications on the drive were already verified, we haven’t yet seen any direct evidence that would incriminate Biden.

Giuliani then accused the Biden crime family of defrauding Tony Bobulinski, their former business partner while doing business with Chinese intelligence operatives by doing things that came “pretty close to an espionage charge.”

Folks, this was a man who was once the vice president of the United States and now wants to be president.  He is an active national security threat to the United States.

“They stole from the business. They defrauded Bobulinski and the other partners,” he said. “They’re doing business with Chinese communist spies, and taking money from Chinese communist spies.”

“I would think even the most ill-informed would figure out taking money from a Chinese communist spy, gee, that could be espionage,” Giuliani continued. “None of the morons in the press pick that up.”

Don’t forget that the line Joe Biden is using about all the lucrative business deals his loser son Hunter received soon after Joe became vice president is that everyone in the known universe has looked at the accusations and they all say there was nothing wrong.

“Not one single solitary thing was out of line,” Biden said during the last debate when he was asked about his son’s foreign business dealings. “Not a single thing.”  He was correct.  There were multiple things that were out of line.

“My son has not made money in terms of this thing, about what are you talking about, China,” Biden said. “I have not had, the only guy that’s made money from China is this guy,” he said while pointing at President Donald Trump.

The fact that Joe Biden said he never discussed his son’s business ventures has been contradicted by public evidence that’s come forward, at least four times that we know of right off the bat.  The first time was in 2011 when Secret Service entry logs in the Obama White House entry revealed several Chinese businessmen involved with Hunter Biden had checked in to meet Vice President Joe Biden.

The second time happened in 2013, when Hunter Biden flew with his father on Air Force II to China where he then introduced the vice president in Beijing to a Chinese businessman who had been helping him create an investment fund.  How can he say he never spoke to his son about his foreign business deals after that?

The third time was found in an email that was allegedly from Hunter Biden’s laptop that says Hunter arranged for an official from Burisma Holdings, Inc. to meet his vice president father in April 2015.  The Biden campaign initially denied everything, but there must have been hard evidence other than just the email, because the campaign has since admitted it “may have” happened, but it was just a fleeting moment.  Yeah, like Joe Biden met with an official from Burisma by walking past him and giving the guy the internationally known head nod.  Please.

The fourth happening was when the dopey Joe Biden bragged on video during an event with the Council on Foreign Relations where the former vice president admitted that he leveraged $1 billion in US military aid by forcing Ukrainian President Poroshenko to fire Viktor Shokin, the Ukrainian Prosecutor General, who was investigating his son Hunter and his firm Burisma holdings.  Biden’s argument was that the prosecutor was dirty, but an audio tape recently surfaced of the phone conversation between Biden and Poroshenko where the Ukrainian president said to Biden that even though their investigation showed that Shokin was not corrupt and did absolutely nothing wrong, he asked him for his resignation and Shokin said yes.  Biden’s simple response was, “great.”

Joe Biden is as dirty as it gets, and he’s gotten this far because we no longer have an honest media.  Sean Hannity was right when he said so many years ago that journalism in America is dead.

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