After Phone Call with Israeli PM Netanyahu Joe Biden Says He Supports a Call For a Ceasefire

According to the White House, on Monday, President Joe Biden has said that he supports a ceasefire concerning the escalating conflict between Israel and Hamas terrorists.

Shortly after Biden commented on COVID-19, a reporter asked him if he will support a ceasefire. Biden responded by saying he was planning to speak with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and that he will give the press more details after that.

“The President reiterated his firm support for Israel’s right to defend itself against indiscriminate rocket attacks,” the White House said after he and the prime minister spoke. “The President welcomed efforts to address intercommunal violence and to bring calm to Jerusalem. He encouraged Israel to make every effort to ensure the protection of innocent civilians.”

The White House continued, “The two leaders discussed progress in Israel’s military operations against Hamas and other terrorist groups in Gaza. The President expressed his support for a ceasefire and discussed U.S. engagement with Egypt and other partners towards that end. The two leaders agreed that they and their teams would remain in close touch.”

Here’s the thing that none of the mainstream news media will tell you. This war was started between Mahmud Abbas and Hamas. Israel had absolutely nothing to do with it, and they were used as a scapegoat.

Abbas canceled an upcoming election because he learned that he was going to lose to Hamas. Tensions rose and Hamas attacked Israel because that’s what you do when you want to garner support by Arab Muslims in the Middle East. Israel is simply defending itself and they should not be asked to consider a ceasefire until they believe they have wiped out the enemy that sought to kill their people. They are at war and the United States has no right to tell them how to conduct that war, especially when they are defending themselves from terrorists who fired thousands of rockets into their neighborhoods.

Biden’s comments about a ceasefire were the first time he publicly talked about it since the violence increased between the Israelis and the terrorists. I give him credit for supporting Israel in the midst of him saying he will think about supporting a call for a ceasefire. Biden’s call comes after the UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for an immediate ceasefire on Sunday. One has to wonder if they would have called for a ceasefire had Israel been losing to the terrorists. I say this because the globalists at the UN like leftists around the world always take the side of Arab terrorists over the Israelis.

Before the phone call with Netanyahu, the Biden administration continually repeated support for Israel during this current conflict. The usual suspects of the Democratic Party like Representatives Ilhan Omar (D-MN), Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (D-NY) (AOC), and others came out against Biden showing support for Israel, AOC referring to the Jewish state as apartheid.

White House press secretary Jen Psaki told reporters on Monday, “We want to bring an end to the violence, we want to de-escalate the situation on the ground.” Psaki added that the administration believes it can bring an end to the violence through “quiet and intensive diplomacy.”

The White House could do the world a favor instead of simply repeating the mantra that Israel has the right to defend itself and directly coming out and saying that Hamas terrorists should stop launching rockets at Israeli neighborhoods but the Squad members wouldn’t hear of it. Of course, Israel has the right to defend itself, but no one ever says that and follows up with Hamas does not have the right to bomb innocent civilians.

“But we share an objective of de-escalating the circumstances on the ground. We share with you that a two-state solution is the only way to bring a lasting end to the violence,” Psaki added.

Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) sent a 14-word message in reply to a tweet by Omar saying “Palestinian lives matter. Pass it on.”

“Jewish lives matter.

So tell your terrorists buddies in Hamas to stop bombing them.”

And she added the hashtag, #JihadSquad.

On Monday, Prime Minister Netanyahu said that Israel will continue strikes against Hamas and it’s not yet clear if the call with Biden will change his mind. Hamas terrorists do not get to fire thousands of rockets at innocent Israelis who had nothing to do with their election being canceled and then ask for the Israelis to go easy on them. The way the majority of the media have reported on this conflict is appalling.


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