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After Burning Police Union, Portland Rioters Threaten Nearby House: ‘We’re Gonna Burn Your Building Down’

Feeble mayor Ted Wheeler is proving himself to be more worthless than teats on a boar hog. For months he allowed the riots to go on unabated and now BLM is concentrating on police stations and people’s private homes.

They threatened to burn down a building after a man had the audacity to stick his head out the door as rioters were trying to burn the Portland Police Association (PPA) Office.

Murdering civilians does not seem to deter these thugs after Wheeler turned over the city to them seventy-some days ago.

The worst part is that the police are no longer allowed to defend themselves.

Rioters blocked the street with dumpsters and anything else they could find to block the streets with and police could not even use gas.

It allowed the thugs to attack the police with no recourse on their part.


The police declared the actions by BLM to be a riot and they threatened them with arrest, citation, or crowd control agents like tear gas. The rioters laughed off the threats they knew city officials would not back the police on and attacked the police with bottles, paint balloons and lasers. Two officers had to be rushed to the hospital.


Ted Wheeler is up for reelection in November and if he gets reelected, the voters will get exactly what they deserve.

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