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After 600 Deaths in 6 Democrat Cities in 6 Weeks – There Was Even More Carnage this Holiday Weekend

Democrats cannot understand why killings have increased in heavily Democratic cities where the rioting is allowed to go on almost completely unabated. Those cities, New York, Chicago, LA, Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia have seen 600 murders in just six weeks.

Most of the victims are Black and you never hear BLM talk about them. Do Black lives really matter to BLM? A sweet little eight-year-old Black girl was gunned down on a street in Atlanta, where Democratic Mayor Bottoms has allowed BLM to take control of part of University Avenue.

The very next night 3 men were shot in the same area, one fatally. The numbers will get much worse after the Fourth of July shooting numbers will show a marked increase.

Don’t you find it funny that the flaming liberals who want to take away the guns of hard-working, law-abiding citizens but they never mention these deaths or offer legislation to take guns from these mobs? I for one am not surprised considering that this is a vital component of their base.

When you consider that an overwhelming number of shootings involve Blacks as the victims, don’t you think this needs to be addressed?

From The Gateway Pundit

Kevin McCullough at Townhall reported this morning in an op-ed:

The single most important issue, affecting some of the largest swaths of populations in America, is the scandal the media ignores even as it explodes in our faces.

In only six weeks, city after city operated by entrenched Democrats have seen a massive expansion in lawlessness, violence, and murder. Stunningly, many news outlets seem gobsmacked and mystified at how or why such an explosion of lawlessness has occurred.

The single most important threat to our nation at this moment are Democrats who are voting in favor of eliminating law enforcement and who are by extension responsible for the greater and greater increase in the loss of life.

They are allowing Marxists and Anarchists to create complete chaos and disorder. They also seem utterly unconcerned about any lives mattering, black or white.

They appear to be holding on to an idea that they are not impacted by the scum and villainy at play under their jurisdiction.

They even perhaps believe that this is all worth it, if it will allow them to have electoral success in the fall.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dorothy Hyatt

    July 6, 2020 at 6:30 pm

    What is wrong with these Mayors and Govenors? They apparently don’t care about their citizens. They care about politics and hating America. They look like idiots on the news. Really?

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