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Illegal Immigration

Afghans Brought to U.S. Offered Free Housing, Food Stamps, $2,300 Checks

We are all making a dire mistake. We get up in the morning and go to work so that we can make money and pay taxes so that Joe Biden can give it to people who are Americans. Right now, he is giving the Afghans he brought her free food and housing along with checks for $2,300.

If these were the Afghans that worked for us over in Afghanistan I would feel differently about it, but most of them Biden abandoned on the tarmac, leaving them to the mercy of the Taliban who systematically execute them. But, these are unvetted Afghans, some of whom could be criminals or terrorists. Biden just wanted numbers, not to do the right thing.

But, Biden did do something for the Afghans who worked for us but were left behind. He left hundreds of Americans to keep them company.

But, Biden and the Democrats were not the only ones who are taking our tax dollars for this. Republicans helped. We need fewer Republicans and more conservatives in office. Do you not know the difference? Let me help you. Liz Cheney and Jim Jordan. That should clear it up for you.

The Washington Post reports:

Evacuees who show up to their offices without first being assigned to their organization by the U.S. State Department are either being turned away or provided with limited aid, such as food stamps and basic medical care. [Emphasis added]

The evacuees are each entitled to receive $2,275 in federal support that is meant to cover housing costs, job training and other expenses over a three-month period once they are matched with a resettlement agency. [Emphasis added]

For example, the evacuees are being offered free housing in Oklahoma, officials said. They are also pointed to other parts of the country with more job opportunities. [Emphasis added]

Biden has brought 70,000 Afghans into the country so far and there are still 34,000 of them still living on military bases. There could be even more on the way. We may all have to take second jobs to support them. I am really getting tired of Biden’s America last policy? Are you?

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