Looks like Gavin Newsom has been hit by activist Laura Loomer and Ben Bergquam of FrontlineAmerica.com. On Wednesday, January 30 Laura and Ben could be seen on social media scaling the “immoral wall” in front of the Governors Mansion. Democrats continue to call the border wall immoral and racist. So Laura and Ben wanted to see if they would be as welcoming to them at their residence as they are with welcoming illegals into California.  While Gavin Newsom has chosen not to reside in the residence, the activists still wanted to show America the hypocrisy of the left. If walls are immoral, then why would they be arrested for trespassing. A few weeks ago the team also hit Nancy Pelosi’s house scaling her fence with actual illegals. Last week those illegals were not arrested but set free. But this week, Laura and Ben were arrested and charged with trespassing.

UniteAmericaFirst.com/ Will Johnson