April 20, 2018

Act Locally

Create a local Group

Unite America First is going local with groups that have agreed to organize according to our principles.






We recommend two key strategic components:

  1. A local strategy targeting individual Members of Congress, City Councils, and School Boards.
  2. A defensive approach focused on stopping Democrats from implementing an agenda built on socialism, division, Tyranny, and corruption.


How your Member of Congress thinks — reelection, reelection, reelection — and how to use that to save our Republic. Members of Congress want their constituents to think well of them, and they want good local press. They hate surprises, wasted time, and most of all, bad press that makes them look weak, unlikable, and vulnerable. You will use these interests to make them listen and act.


Identify or organize your local group. Is there an existing local group or network you can join? Or do you need to start your own? We suggest steps to help mobilize your fellow constituents locally and start organizing for action.


Four local advocacy tactics that actually work. Most of you have three Members of Congress— two Senators and one Representative. Whether you like it or not, they are your voices in Washington. Your job is to make sure they are speaking for you. We’ve identified four key opportunity areas that just a handful of local constituents can use to great effect. Always record encounters on video, prepare questions ahead of time, coordinate with your group, and report back to local media:

  • Town halls. Members of Congress regularly hold public in-district events to show that they are listening to constituents. Make them listen to you, and report out when they don’t.
Key Advocacy
Members of Congress
Organize Locally
Advocacy Tactics

*Citation: These ideas and tactics have been duplicated, copied or mirrored from a group called Indivisible. They received or duplicated their ideas from the Tea Party. The information has been adjusted to be more in line with the ideas and mission of Unite America First.