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Attacking Trump

Accused Leftist Ringleader John Sullivan’s Chat Logs Show Plans to Turn Trump Rally Into Violent Riot

The screenshots brought to light following John Sullivan’s arrest for his role in the Capitol building riot, which included calls to violence such as “we gotta get this shit burned” and “it’s our house motherf*ckers,” an affidavit reveals.

The chat app Discord is allegedly affiliated with Sullivan’s Insurgence USA group, which describes itself as “forming a rainbow coalition to unite all people under one banner to fight for liberation and freedom for all people.”  I wonder if now be shut down?  Probably not because the perpetrator here is a leftist.

“We are the revolution, lets [sic] show them the power of the people united,” the group’s page adds.

The chat logs confirm the recent federal charge against Sullivan, noting he didn’t attend the riot to act as a  “reporter” but instead to be a ringleader of sorts for causing mayhem.  Sullivan, who goes by the name Jayden X can be seen sending an image of himself in a Trump 2020 hat captioned with “counter intel” on January 6th:

After the riots, there were other Discord users who admitted that they too disguised themselves as Trump supporters by wearing hats and shirts with the president’s insignia:

Other users, such as “deaththreat,” admitted that a “large sum of anti Trumpers” made up the group of those who stormed the Capitol before appearing they identified themselves in the crowd:

Other attendees photographed themselves flipping off Trump supporters outside the Capitol:

I wonder if this new information will make Representative Liz Cheney (R-WY) rethink her joining the radical leftist Democrats and voting to impeach the president, claiming it was his words that caused the riot?  Nah, she’s a Never Trumper and an establishment type who doesn’t have the intellectual honesty to admit she made a mistake.

Now we have more information showing Sullivan and his group were planning to get involved in more violent protests pretending to be Trump supporters at rallies.

On Wednesday, January 13th Sullivan went and posted comments such as “Lol, this is going to be a war.”

This information and other exculpatory pieces of data really discredit the Democrats, the Left, and the establishment types who said that Donald Trump asking his supporters to march “peacefully and patriotically” to the Capitol and let their voices be heard incited a riot at the Capitol building and that Trump supporters were responsible for most of what took place.

The so-called civil rights “activist”  John Sullivan was a former Olympic speed skater, and an alleged conman accused of attempting to sabotage left-wing movements under the identify “Activist John.”

Sullivan who has a checkered past claimed he infiltrated a group of Trump supporters to record the attack on the Capitol building last week, which has a lot of people questioning the black leftist’s true motives.

Sullivan, 26, competed in the 2018 Olympic trials and made an appearance in an Uber commercial in 2016.   His Twitter page, prior to his radical left turn, was crammed with posts about how he wanted to fulfill his skating dreams.

However, somewhere along the way, Sullivan started getting interested in being an activist.

He started Insurgence USA, a protest group for “racial justice and police reform,” and started referring to himself as “Activist John” filling his Twitter feeds with anti-Trump nonsense and posts supporting Black Lives Matter, on top of his participation in recent protests.

Sullivan additionally retweeted quite a few media stories that picked up his account of what happened that day, together with Rolling Stone, which interviewed him for a story that went to print a day before his arrest.

“I was worried about people recognizing me and thinking that I was Antifa or, like, BLM or whatever,” he told the outlet.

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