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Accurate Pollsters Reporting “Silent Trump Voter” is TWICE AS LARGE This Year! Would Give Trump Electoral Landslide And Again Shock The Fake News!

What the political establishment should have learned in 2016, is traditional polling and the way of campaigning should be conducted had changed.

So much that their previously dependable and accurate pollsters would not be able to accurately measure what the US voting population was thinking, without re-tooling their assumptions and methodology moving forward.

As we get ready for the November third elections, it appears this same group did not re-tool, and have the similar poll numbers, 2 weeks out, as they did four years ago.

Unlike this group of progressive

Robert Cahaly, the chief pollster at Trafalgar Group, joined Laura Ingraham on Friday night.

The Trafalgar group pollster went on with Laura to discuss the current state of the 2020 race. Trafalgar was the most accurate pollster in the 2016 election. Trafalgar was the only pollster in the country to correctly predict Trump’s win in Michigan.

Cahaly and Trafalgar have President Trump up in all of the battleground states.

Robert explained to Laura Ingraham that the South, including Florida and Arizona, is a lock for President Trump. Trump’s up in all battleground states.

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And — the “Silent Trump Voter” is TWICE AS LARGE THIS YEAR as in 2016.

This was another AMAZING interview on The Ingraham Angle.

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