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According to Sources, the Secret Service Interfered in Hunter Biden’s Delaware State Police Missing Gun Case

SOURCE: YouTube video screenshot

We reported when Hunter Biden’s gun was taken by Hallie Biden and she threw it into a trash bin outside a supermarket and that when they went to look for it later on, by the time they got there the gun was missing.

An investigation started out where Delaware State Police took security camera footage and interviewed the store manager, Janssen. “We complied with the police and gave them whatever security footage we could,” Janssen told the left-leaning but sometimes spot on POLITICO.

According to sources familiar with the incident, the FBI was also at the scene. At that time, the FBI was monitoring Hunter Biden as part of an investigation that to this day is still ongoing and that case is related to his taxes.

On top of questioning Hallie Biden, Hunter’s dead brother’s wife who Hunter started sleeping with, police called Hunter to the scene where he was questioned outside the store’s loading dock area where he told authorities he used the gun for target practice, according to the report.

We reported when Hunter’s gun was taken by Halle and thrown into a trash bin outside the supermarket.

The Thief-in-Chief’s son, according to the police report, told an officer that the store had some suspicious characters working for it just as two Mexican male employees walked past the loading dock. When the cop asked him if he was referring to the two staffers, the racist Hunter Biden said, “Yea, prolly illegal.”

When one of the officers asked Hunter if the gun had ever been used in the commission of a crime, the officer said Hunter “became very agitated with me and asked me if I was intentionally trying to make him mad.” Who would act that way toward a police officer in that situation? Hunter’s gun was taken by his girlfriend and tossed into a trash bin and was at that moment considered missing, so the cop asked if it was ever involved in the commission of a crime. That is a normal question for any police officer to ask. I think a better question would be why did your girlfriend throw it in a trash bin if all he used it for was target practice?

According to the police report, Hunter gave the answer. When the same officer asked him if he had been drinking or doing drugs, he replied, “Listen, it isn’t like that. I think she believes I was gonna kill myself.”

When the cop asked Hunter if he contacted his father about the incident prior to his arrival at the scene, he responded, “I have never called my dad for anything,” according to the police report.

As police were questioning the couple, two Secret Service agents arrived at the StarQuest Shooters & Survival Supply store where Hunter bought the gun. They badged the store’s owner and asked to have the Firearms Transaction Record that Hunter filled out when he purchased the gun.

Palmieri, the store’s owner, refused to give the transaction record to the Secret Service agents because those records are obtained by the ATF and not the Secret Service. I smell former VP daddy interference. According to people familiar with the case, the agents left the store without the records, but then later that day the ATF showed up at the store and inspected the records.

Some days later, an older man returned the gun. He’s known for dumpster diving through trash to collect recyclables.

The Secret Service’s alleged involvement in the case is still somewhat of a mystery. It always is when it involved a high-ranking Democrat.

When the Secret Service was asked if they requested state police security for Biden during the period when he was not under the agency’s protection, a Delaware State Police spokesman said, “I have reached out to our sergeant who oversees the Executive Protection Unit with the Delaware State Police. He is unaware of any such requests or services provided.”  That question was asked because Secret Service agents don’t normally get involved with anything they are not assigned to get involved with.

One thing that is certain is that any amount of involvement by the Secret Service either by request by the Biden family or by taking its own initiative would be highly inappropriate. It would be considered interfering in an incident that was already being investigated by Delaware State Police where the FBI was already involved.

POLITICO obtained a copy of the Firearms Transaction Record. It revealed that Hunter responded “No” to a question on the transaction record that asked, “Are you an unlawful user of, or addicted to, marijuana or any depressant, stimulant, narcotic drug, or any other controlled substance?” Five years prior, Hunter was discharged from the Navy Reserve when he tested positive for cocaine.  He and members of his family have often talked about his history with drug abuse.

Lying on the form is a felony, though prosecutions for it are exceedingly rare.

Andre Miller, a spokesman for the ATF, referred any questions to the Delaware State Police.  Delaware State Police spokesman Jason Hatchell said if you want answers to questions about the incident you’d have to file a Freedom of Information Act request. In other words, forget about it.

This incident received next to no media attention. Outside of David Harris Jr and TheBlaze, it looks like no one else covered the fact that the police decided to not press charges against either Hallie or Hunter.

A spokesperson for the Secret Service denied that the agency had any involvement in the incident.

“U.S. Secret Service records confirm that the agency did not provide protection to any member of the Biden family in 2018, and that the Secret Service had no involvement in this alleged incident.”

Okay, so they want you to believe that the store owner is lying. It sounds like the Secret Service spokesman lied to protect Joe Biden who was planning on running in 2020.

It just goes to show that there are two systems of justice: one for the powerful elites and the other for the rest of us.

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