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ABC’s Jon Karl: Inflation Began With Joe Biden Not Trump [VIDEO]

ABC’s Jon Karl in a rare journalistic moment pushed back on the various people and things they blame inflation on and laid it right on the front steps of the Biden White House. He is not alone. In a recent ABC/Ipsos poll, 70% of Americans disapprove of Biden’s handling of gasoline prices. 70% also disapprove of his handling of inflation. So far, Biden has blamed COVID, Putin, and Wall Street bankers for it. Why not add Trump and unvaccinated people, too?

Unbelievably, Karl and other leftist pundits are blaming Biden and his administration. Karl said:

“If you look at the numbers, inflation really started to rise almost exactly when Biden came To the White House. Look at the chart on gas prices since February it is a shocking increase.”

George Will said on Democrats’ reckless spending:

“We are at 7.9% inflation and in the week that is announced, Congress passes another $1.5 trillion tranche of spending…[Democrats] are now adding to the deficit in these first 5 months of the year $3 billion a year and debt service now consumes $1.2 million a minute – that’s $20,000 per second, so, stop!” 

US Inflation and inflation deviations

As you can see, inflation was dropping under president Trump and started rising under Biden. People all over America are rummaging through their receipts and as it turned out no one has bought Biden’s BS. Just like the lie, he told when he claimed his administration has done nothing to curtail oil production. Who canceled the KLeystone Pipeline and oil leases both onshore and off? Who is now trying to add a new tax on oil producers? Who will really pay that tax? You and I, my friends.

And the massive spending he has brought to bear with a lot of help from Democrats and selected RINOs. Hopefully, both will be thinned out either in the primaries or in the general election. Biden will still be here, but his big-spending packages won’t fly. He can claim that the Republican sabotaged his packages, but, I believe the voters will see that as a plus in 2024.

If the voters hate Biden so much after the short time he has been in office, imagine how they will feel after 4 years of him.

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